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    Not a service member myself, but proud wing mom to a son serving in the USAF, 2016-present!
    thank you to all who have served and continue to serve! I carry you all in my heart daily!! ❤️ Bless you all

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    While I certainly understand the need for dark humor on occasion to cope with the sad reality of things we face as health care providers, I personally do not find this funny (but do not judge those who do)! This opioid epidemic is terrible and I see it everyday not just as a nurse, but as a human outside of work. I see how we create it Day in and day out in our patient by over medicating them and the end result is a physical addiction that then leads to illegal use and all too frequently overdose.
    Again, while I understand the humor behind it and understand why some think this is a way of stating it's not just "junkies" or "criminals" but smart well off and otherwise well adjusted people that this hits, for me... this is not effective! The addicted is one of my favorite populations and this crisis is one in which I am very passionate about. I try and think of ways I or we can make a difference and not a joke. I struggle when I speak to the doctors I work for expressing my concern about the fact that we are over medicating a patient who is clearly seeking and shows no sign of pain (I know it's subjective), but in turn I am told "everyone's pain is different" but it's clear it's just easier to medicate then to constantly be hounded for more meds, or get bad reviews... we are doing no one any justice here!
    Again I do not think anyone who finds this funny is wrong, I just think we need to find a better way and help find a solution instead of laughing off the tragedy!!

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    Quote from Horseshoe
    I really disagree with this. Not everyone has the same abilities. There are always going to be people who struggle academically. Others have trouble balancing academics with family obligations. Someone else has to work and simply doesn't have the same amount of time to study and do homework as someone else might. If something is really difficult for someone, it's not necessarily because they made it so. Factors beyond their control, etc., etc., etc.

    Not all programs are equal, either. Some are more rigorous than others.
    Great point, and agreed! I certainly did not mean to insult or diminish anyone's struggles! I understand everyone is different, and has different capabilities. My apologies that my statement may have been too broad! Thank you for correcting me!
    However, asking a very subjective question, was it the hardest thing YOU'VE even done, replies are going to be different for every one, while it may have been for one person, it may not have for another. But I agree that my statement is not fair for the exact same reason... It is assuming it's only as hard as you make it... for everyone... Again, I apologize! Please know my intent was not to belittle or be judgemental in any way.

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    Ummm... NO!! Was it easy? Certainly not! As a previous poster said it's only as hard a you make it.. expect to work hard and sacrifice a lot.. but I was a single mom working full time and passed with really good grades.. you can do it!!
    The hardest thing I've ever done?? Saying goodbye to my baby as he joined the Air Force!! I'd do nursing school ten times over rather than live that again!!
    Best to you!!

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    Quote from WoundcarePhilRN
    As a Vet I have enjoyed meeting and talking to America's Vets. Met many WW2 Vets, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf war as well. It's an honor to take care of them. The VA has failed them miserably. We owe them everything, we are free today because of the Armed Forces of the US. If you ever come across a Vet be sure to thank them and let them know their service to this nation is appreciated.

    For myself, it's the icing on the cake, would not want to do anything else.

    Thank you for your service, and continued service!

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    First and foremost, congrats to you for getting into your program, that's a great accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. Second, I am so sorry you came here looking for support and were left feeling overwhelmed and questioning your decision, certainly an unfair start for you.
    I will not lie, nursing school and nursing ARE difficult, but, if your mind and heart are in the right place and you are determined to put in the hard work, I have no doubt you will be successful. What I want you to remember when coming here, yes, you will see people posting their frustrations, again because it IS hard work, and as humans, we vent. We also come here for support, and being a safe forum for nurses and students to discuss their experiences with their peers helps us all process our feelings. So, while you may have seen many negative posts, please don't think that's all it is! We tend to voice our aggravations more so than the successes as human nature tends to show, misery loves company!
    Now, I can only speak for myself, but I am absolutely thrilled with my chosen profession! Yes, there are hard days, days when I can't wait to punch out at the end of the day, days when I think I just can't take any more, days when I think too much is expected of us. You will have those day no matter what you choose to do in life. What so I love about nursing? I went into this job with the intention of making a difference to the patients I care for. Again, this is not always easy, but 100% rewarding when it is achieved! When I say make a difference, I don't just mean in the big "life saving" sense of it, I find the most rewarding differences I make are always in the little things. If I am able to reach a "difficult" patient, or make someone who finds no reason to smile, smile, mission accomplished! If I am caring for someone who is alone and has no one, and I make them know that even if for 12 hours, someone REALLY does care... success!!
    When I say goodbye at the end of my shift, and a patient says, thank you for being there, thank you for caring for me, thank you for x, y and z, I know I made a difference!
    Is it always sunshine and rainbows? Certainly not, however, if something that I can do that is so small and takes nothing from me can make an impact on those I care for, then job well done! I tend to gravitate toward the patients that everyone else doesn't want to deal with, those with mental illness, those with addiction issues, the little old ladies on the call bell a million times an hour because they are lonely... I find that giving just that extra five minutes of time to let that lady talk about her husband of 50 years who passed and how much she misses him, well... she tends to call less for trivial things. I always make sure when I am with them providing care, giving meds ect, that I am 100% with them. I know the argument of nurses not having enough time to provide this extra attention, but for me at least, While I assessing, or giving meds, or changing a dressing I can also provide that extra touch and it takes nothing out of my day! Now, I'm just as guilty for getting annoyed and frustrated as the next person, and also vent my frustrations too, I'm just saying I always (TRY) at least to leave it outside of the patients care.
    I trust you will find your niche, you just need to get through school and into a job. Everyone has something different that speaks to them in this field, and you will most certainly find yours!
    Best of luck to you, and don't let anyones experience take away from yours... their story is not yours, nor will any experience be them same that you will have. If you hear a negative thing about a patient in report, don't walk into that room with that attitude, as it hinders you before you begin and you may find that you don't feel the same way. Your job is to find what YOU love and love what you do from there!
    Good luck to you!!

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    An instructor known for being very tough, you know, the one that everyone fears on sight.... At the end of the semester evaluation she said to me, "you're going to make a great nurse", I said "thank you, that means a lot coming from you", her reply.... She gently placed her hand on my arm and said "what I'm trying to tell you, is that if I were sick, I'd want you to be my nurse." Just... WOW!!!! I cried instantly!!!
    At the start of my first semester, my clinical instructor had us go around the group and tell everyone about ourselves. When I revealed that I was a single mother working full time while attending nursing school, she told me that just can't be done and I need to get my priorities in order. Well, not only did I do it, I also graduated as class valedictorian!!! I hope she thinks twice before trying to tell people what they can or can not do! She was, however a very great professor despite that first impression!!

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    Stunning!! Thanks for reminding us what we do and why we do it!

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    Pro all the way!! Death with dignity is too far often overlooked!

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    Quote from ixchel
    Honest to god, words don't exist to describe this smell. The potency alone was taking breath away as far as the nursing station, which was nowhere near the patient's room. I have no idea what could possible make a smell like this. I am hoping the mystery will be solved before I go to work next.
    After working many years as a medical assistant in OB/GYN.... This smell usually came from a pessary or retained tampon.. We'd have to close down the room!!

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    Hold on to this!! It does go by too fast... I am preparing to spend my last Christmas with my son at home (leaving me with very little Christmas spirit, and many tears) as he prepares to leave for the Air Force in six short months!! Just yesterday he was 6 weeks old too!!
    So I guess what I'm learning is, how to let go when you're not ready... And that you're never ready!!!
    best to you all! ❤️

    Quote from CBlover
    This week I learned-

    --That when people say, "kids grow up fast" they aren't kidding. My 6 week old baby is growing so fast I can't believe it. I'm cherishing every moment. One day he'll be 16 and I won't be able to sing to him and rock him to sleep every night. Getting up every other hour all night to feed him is actually worth it all!!! I've learned I love being a mom. It's the most awesome thing in the world.

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    There are no words.....

    As nurses it is our job and PRIVILEGE to care for and about others without passing judgement, who's situations we may not understand! We must remember to carry on the honor of nursing in everything we do!
    To those who are personally affected by this tragedy... I carry you in my heart!

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    I can't wait to read it!!! I'm very excited to begin my career, but so nervous as well. Any insight would be great!! Thank you so much!

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    Thanks!!!! I can't wait to begin! It still doesn't feel real. My license finally posted on my BON. It's official... I'm really a nurse!!!

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    AHHHHH!!!! I just lived this, this week!!! I sat down at the computer saying "please shut off in 75 questions." As I was going through the exam, I felt like I knew nothing and was just guessing. Get to question 75, and beg "please don't shut off now... just give me a few more questions to prove myself." SUBMIT...... BAM...... Shut off!!! I knew I failed! I kept telling myself, there is no way I could have done so bad that I bombed it in 75, but I just couldn't convince myself! I have a job riding on this... What do I do?!?!?!?

    So.... I wait.... The agonizing 48 hours. Pay for the quick results (I live in MA and it takes them at least a week to post your license). I PASSED!!!! What a relief!!

    So, to all of those who passed, congrats. To those who did not, try again, you can do it! And to those waiting... you got this!!!
    Best of luck to you all!!!