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    I've had success with still working out but my problem is the diet. It's not easy to stick to it with a crazy night shift schedule. Sometimes McDs breakfast just sounds 100x better than that banana you packed for the way home. Hitting the vending machine seems like a good idea at the time but I always regret it when I don't like what the scale has to say.
    But I'd rather work night shift any day. Regardless. So I feel like the discipline will come to me in time. I'm still getting used to the shift. You can't make that kind of lifestyle change overnight.

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    I got my Bachelor's about five years ago and my GPA then was a 2.8. I should have my pre-reqs knocked out by the end of the summer with a GPA of around 3.7. I've worked as a pharmacy tech both part time and full time for about 10 years both in the retail and hospital setting. I don't have many volunteer hours but I plan to do some over the summer before I apply. Do I have a good shot?

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    Awesome. Thanks for the info. When I type NURS 1300 into the bookstore web site to see what books they needed this semester for it, it brought up like 2500 bucks worth of stuff. Is that accurate?

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    I'll be in the evening/weekend section at metro, too. Does anyone have any clue what the hours will be?