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    Hello, Just found this site searching for Online RN to BSN/MSN courses. Does anyone have any experience in online degrees? I am a little leary of them but University of Phoenix seems to have a popular program. I sent for some information. I live in an area that has about 10 Nursing Colleges and most of them offer online courses but I was intreaged by the option of never having to sit in another lecture hall again. Been there and done that. I am okay with watching courses on my computer monitor at my leisure. I really am just searching out options at this point. Not too ambitious to start a full time program with a 3 year old and hopefully another on the way soon. But I suppose it will never get to be a better time than the present. I have been a RN for 5 years and have a ASN, I have always worked in a Med-Surg Pediatric Unit at a Children's Hospital (aside from 1 year as an LPN in a nursing home) and absolutely love my job as a bedside RN. I am testing later this month for my Pediatric Nurse Certification. But my PCM is nudging me to go back and get my BSN, our hospital is in the process of appling for Magnet status. So I told her I would check out my options. I plan to go the slow route so that the hospital can foot the bill, or at least a portion of it. I would appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks Brittney, RN