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    Thanks so much for the info. I am considering studying on my own and testing out of the per-req requirement. But I'll have to pass with a 90% or better and I'm not sure what will happen if I don't get the score. If it means not getting into the program this Fall, then I'd rather take the course somewhere.

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    Anyone know of a school that offers this course to the general public? Seems like most of these classes are only offered as a part of a degree course and I need it as a prerequisite to a school I'm hoping to attend.

    Online courses would be preferable.


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    Hi all,

    I recently received conditional acceptance to UVI ASN program and wondering if any current or past students can give me some insight. I love the thought of living in the VI while attending nursing school but want to make sure ill be getting a good education, and of course have a million questions about moving/living there.

    Any info on the program would be appreciated. Also, anyone know of any online 'drug dosage calculation' classes? I must complete that by end of spring term as a condition of my acceptance.

    Thanks! :-)