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    Hi everyone...first time to post for me. Well our hh agency does not pay per mile but per visit. For ex., they pay visit rate plus $4.00 per trip fee. works out ok if not traveling long distances.

    Quote from lossforimagination
    Just curious if it is an industry standard out there to NOT pay mileage for the first visit of the day? Seems outrageous to drive 20 or 40 miles or even ANY miles to a patient's home and not get mileage. Just wondering if not getting mileage for the 1st visit is something HH nurses can expect universally; or if you can expect the reasonable thing (which is to be paid for it)!

    Also, do most agencies pay mileage? I understand the gov't allows $0.40/mile, but that few agencies actually pay that. How exactly do you need to keep records in order to deduct the difference?