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    Quote from jadedme
    No because upon learning about the training fee i didnt listen to the rest of what the lady was sayin. Maybe you can try to contact them. Funny how these so called high end hospitals still ask for training fees.
    Oh I see. Thanks! And by the way, about the training fee, I was really shocked then upon knowing such new policy of Cardinal Santos. Thanks anyway!

    And about the waiting time? I will atest to that! It's really so long! That at this very moment Im not sure if my application status is still active with them and still to be considered for their next training program this year. But upon knowing such new policy of them, I doubt.

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    About Cardinal Santos, have you happen to asked about the next schedule of their pre-employment training for nurses this year 2013? That as what you've said, they are asking now for training fee.. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon.