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    I am not a study group person either, BUT I found if I study the material before and go to a study group you will be surprised at how much it will help. By help I mean just listening to the other talk and bring up a different way of thinking. When our exams roll around I hear my classmates tell me the answers from our study group. Try it you will be surprised. Good luck BTW I'm starting my 3rd semester (OB/Peds).

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    I too failed my first exam in Fundamentals with a 78 and need an 80, oh so close! I went over the test with the professor and I see what I had done wrong and will over come this. She said she was not worried about my study habits, this gave me confidence. I had another exam later that week in Health Assessment and made a 96 woohoo! Failing the first one helped me pass the next one. Good luck we can do this.

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    I also failed my first test by 2 points in Fundamentals. What a bummer but other fellow classmates failed while others passed. I had another test later that week in Health Assessment and made a 96 woohoo. My confidence is back up. I will do better on the next Fundamentals test now that I have gone over what I did incorrectly. We can all do this.

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    I am in awe of the honesty on this topic. I will be starting my nursing program in 11 days, needless to say I am nervous, scared, anxious, excited, and hopeful.

    I have a SO and my children are grown, I am also 47 years old. I wouldn't say nursing has been my calling until recently. I feel I can give quality care and compassion to the ones in need. I know I will be a good nurse just getting through school and working is really scaring me. I would not say I'm smart by no means but I do good in school.

    I have been working on getting all the pre-regs out of the way for the past 18 months. I have no delusions about how hard nursing is. I just hope I have what it takes to graduate.

    Like everyone else I have heard the horror stories about having to make the grade, no life, no friends and so on. I do work as a CNA for a Home Health agency and will have to continue working during school. I have the fortune to be able to make my own schedule for work. I get any where between 23 to 49 hours depends on school schedule and patient need.

    My question is do you think I can work like Thurs. 3rd and any on Fri. and Sat. and 1st or 2nd on Sun. and still be able to do the work class will demand? Now keep in mind I can do homework and study while at work depending on the clients needs. If I work 3rd it is generally quiet affording me time for homework.

    I am really excited to start the program and I hope my nerves will settle down once I get in class and get a routine, but I am afraid that is asking a lot. I have order the Critical Thinking book, hope it will help if I have time to actually read it. According to this article there is a lot of reading for class so doesn't seem like there is time for outside reading.

    Any way I enjoyed everyones comments and have bookmarked this discussion. Thanks for reading and any, I mean any input is greatly appreciated!

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    i would also like those lab values and such too please. I start RN school Aug. 21, 2013. I would greatly appreciate it.

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    You can try a Home Health Agency. I work for Home Health and they work with my school schedule. They give us a calendar and we fill out what hours we can work and either they work you or not.

    Also to get into the RN programs here in NC, you have to have your CNA license. I'm so thankful for the the position I have and will continue to have through out my RN program that starts this fall.

    Hope this helps.