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    Another perspective was that the first nurse had a patient in a lot worse condition that needed her attention rather than an annoying but non life threatening beeping sound and the expected diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and hair loss from chemo of a patient that is alert and oriented enough to capture and measure their vomit.

    I bet this nurse was busting their ass caring for someone really needing her, like keeping someone alive. Or maybe not, but I'm open to other perspectives.

    What I think you might have seen was the current state of some hospital administrations. One nurse can't do everything, but they are expected to, with their license on the line, because the hospital is thinking money.

    edit: I read your other comments about the nurse spending a lot of their time telling dramatic stories about their life... Yeah, I know a couple of those and I hate working with them.

    There is one nurse that stood outside a room, tapping her foot, waiting for me to finish helping a patient who was very hypoglycemic. She didn't bother to ask if I needed help. Just waiting for me to finish up so she could take her break.

    Wishing the best to you and your family.

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    Delete Facebook and be free of these anxiety inducing issues.

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    Male here, this advice is helpful regardless of gender and/or sex. Financial planning for the future is something I don't hear about a lot, but it has grown to be on my mind as I near the big 30.

    I use the Mint app! It's so helpful to make budgets and set goals. For me, that's saving for a down payment on a house.

    Mint is a great tool to help you become (more) mindful about where you're spending your money so you can get an idea of what's a necessity and what's a need in your daily spending. A cliche example is how much money you spend on all that dang Starbucks! Coffee for me is sort of a necessity and a need... So I've compromised after I saw how much I spent. I now use caffeine tablets I got on Amazon and use the Kureg at work.

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    Here in Washington, nursing assistants are licensed by our DOH to practice as nursing assistants.

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    I'm new too!

    Make your own brain sheet, own it, and revamp it.

    Water bottle and snacks.


    work appropriate clothing to keep you warm (e.g., fleece coat / vest).

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    Who the **** do you think I am?
    What the **** is that?
    When the **** is this pt arriving?
    Where the **** is my pen?
    Why the **** did they do that?

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    Are we talking gender or sex? Are we talking about learned or innate behaviors?

    I'm kidding, I really don't care. Humans being good humans to each other is all I care about.

    Be a good person.

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    Umm, rough estimate of 50-60 people.

    I'm sorry about Swedish not offering you a position. I agree that you should accept the other nurse residency. You'll do great. Good luck you nurse!

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    Hi! Alright, so I'm getting the hint that you both are concerned about how you'll be able to manage your time between family and school. There were 3 mom's in our cohort of 48 (or 49?) that went through what you'll be going through. From what they told me, it takes a patient partner / significant other to help you through this time, but by all means it is doable, I've seen it!

    So let me give you a run down of how the 15 months are organized...

    Summer (9 weeks): 17 credits / 5 courses
    -NCLIN 306: Medical / Surgical Clinical (120 hours of clinical and lab combined)
    -NCLIN 302: Health Assessment (class + lab time)
    -NURS 304: Human Responses I
    -NURS 309 & 310: Pharmacology I & II (the new cohort has this changed to 309 in summer and 310 in fall, rather than 4 weeks spent on each during the summer)

    Autumn (11 weeks): 20 credits / 6 courses
    -NCLIN 409: Community Health Clinical (120 hours of clinical and lab combined)
    -NCLIN 418: Psychiatric Nursing Clinical (120 hours of clinical and lab combined)
    -NURS 301: Clinical A&P (w/ cadaver lab - I think they dropped this for new cohorts because it's already met by pre-reqs)
    -NURS 308: Human Responses II
    -NURS 417: Psychiatric Nursing
    -NURS 420: Comm. & Public Health Nursing

    Winter (11 weeks): 18 credits / 4 courses
    -NCLIN 403: Pediatric Nursing Clinical (120 hours + lab)
    -NCLIN 416: L&D Nursing (120 hours + lab)
    -NURS 401: Care in Illness I
    -NURS 415: Childbearing and Childrearing

    Spring (11 weeks): 21 credits / 6 courses
    -NCLIN 407: Medical / Surgical II Clinical (150 hours of clinical and lab combined)
    -NURS 303: Foundations of Professional Nursing
    -NURS 404: Gerontological Nursing
    -NURS 405: Care in Illness II
    -NURS 410: Legal & Ethical Issues
    -NURS 412: World Healthcare Systems

    Summer (9 weeks): 18 credits / 4 classes
    -NCLIN 411: Senior Practicum (270 hours of clinical and lab combined)
    -NMETH 403: Intro. to Research Nursing
    -NURS 407: Culture & Nursing
    -NURS 419: Transition to Professional Practice
    -Option of taking a EKG class that is 2 credits, which I recommend doing. Very applicable for your career and also useful during the NCLEX if you never use it in your career.

    This is a big commitment, but really, it is doable, yet I don't have hands-on experience managing more than myself in nursing school, but I know the mom's in our cohort made it work! You can reframe this as comparing it to a normal 2-year nursing program. Those programs are 6 quarters overall, with 3 quarters each year, and summers off. This program (ABSN) is 5 quarters, without summer break, and you'll just be fitting those classes that would be in the 6th quarter into the 5 quarters that is this program. So rather than 24 months, you're done in 15 months, prepared to take your NCLEX and practice safely in your first job!

    Ask me more questions as I know this is kind of a broad look at what you'll be doing.

    Also, the ABSN program is (becoming more) responsive to the student government that you'll elect for your cohort to better meet the growing responsibility of the soon to be nurses and to not make this program redundant and disorganized. It may feel disorganized at times... but work with your instructors rather than hitting heads.

    Here is a picture of my first summer quarter schedule...screen-shot-2016-

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    I missed their call this morning around 9:45am, which the nurse recruiter left a voicemail and then an e-mail regarding the offer.

    Thank you both! I hope you get an offer @emersonarchie, it'd be fun to meet you and @ZAR963 and go through residency together.

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    Update! I received an offer for the neuro/tele unit. I'm going to take it .

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    emersonarchie, update us, will you?

    Hoping the best for all of us.

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    I'm from Washington, a local if you will. Just finished school in August and licensure last week. Where will you two (emersonarchie and ZAR) be moving from?

    I too heard the start date is the 24th of October, with remote access to some of the onboarding.

    Hopefully Monday will come with a job offer so I can call off the Virginia Mason interview - they don't have a residency.

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    Good morning emersonarchie,

    That's reassuring. I hope you get offered the position. Such a long wait without any feedback, it's already stressful being a few days. I'm hoping Zar wasn't interviewing for the same position I was! But then again, kudos to Zar .

    That's still nice to have another offer. Is it another residency? I have a phone interview with Virginia Mason next week.

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    Hey amed0815, I recently graduated in August.

    Do you want to ask some more specific questions?

    I know they made some changes and continue to plan making changes, some for good, some for worse.