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    I breastfed both my children, youngest now almost 11!! Despite the dreaded PND and almost losing my little boy to meningitis at 3 weeks of age I fed him until he was 3 years old, it was a struggle at times with people saying I would get more sleep if he was bottlefed etc. He was fed N/G when he was ill and the effort to keep my milk going was really hard but worth it in the end. At the age of 10 he still loves to 'cuddle in' close to my boobs!! I wouldn't condemn any mum for bottlefeeding but for me 'breast was definitely best'. Incidentally my sickly bably is now at almost 11 and measuring 5'5". I wouldn't have missed the closeness with both my babies for anything.

    Quote from stevielynn
    Yesterday I worked and a 44 year old woman delivered her 8th child - I really related to the age factor since I had my last at 44 and he is growing too too fast. As I watched the baby latch on right after delivery, I got a bit misty . . . . . I realized that for sure this time my last child would be my last experience of breastfeeding and I told myself to savor it the whole time I was nursing him. But still, time flew, and here I am the mother of a 4 year old and not breastfeeding anymore. Even though I nursed him until he was 3 1/2 . .. most likely because I knew I would never get to experience it again. (although I did nurse my daughter until she was 3, my son before that until he was 18 months, etc.).

    So yes, Happy Breastfeeding Week. It is a great thing . . .. . . something I will always miss.

    Especially that drunk with love milk smile . .. .