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    Hello! I am a BSN nursing student who will be graduating in June and moving to Maine shortly after graduation. I am looking at hospital websites in the Portland area but I would like to hear from current nurses about new graduate opportunities in the area. Specifically, I am interested in pediatrics. I work at a Children's Hospital now as a Nurse Technician, I traveled abroad this past Summer to work in hospitals and rural areas focusing on pediatrics, and I have my senior practicum in pediatrics--so I love kiddos

    My questions/concerns are:
    1. What are the new graduate opportunities in Portland area? -Doesn't have to just be pediatrics
    2. I am concerned being from out of state, how can I increase my chances of employment?
    3. Any adivce coming from out of state?
    4. Nurses that work at Barbara Bush-how do you like it?

    Thank you!