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    Quote from suzanne4
    Length of process can be any where from one to over two years, depends on where you are going to be hired. That is what will be the deciding factor as to where your paperwork is done.

    Thanks a bunch!! I will read the posting in this forum

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    for me, it's tape! i hate it when i reached out to my pocket and i can't find a piece of tape :angryfire . there will be something that needs to be taped, either the foley bag, or the iv lines, anything! oh yea...and also scrubs that have lots of pockets, it will make your clinical easy as you can store lots of stuff so that you don't have to run in and out the room!

    as for books? i am using the new hesi nclex rn review, it's the best nursing book that you can find because it highlights the major things that we need to know for the nclex or hesi.
    the taber medical dictionary was a great help for me when i was taking pathophysiology.
    the davis drug guide was also a big help for me in pharmacology.

    i can't think of anything else, everybody has basically said everything :uhoh21:

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    Hi, I am currently a BSN nursing student (junior year) studying in the US with a F1 (student) visa. I am clueless about how I can stay and work in the US after I graduate. All I know is that I have to pass the NCLEX and start applying for a green card. So here are some questions that I have in mind:

    Can I work right away after graduation?
    What is the first step that I need to take/ apply?
    When should I apply for a Practical Training? How does it work?
    What comes after Practical Training? Is it H1B visa?
    When can I apply for a green card? How long is the process?

    Please let me know ASAP
    thank you , MedSurge