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    Quote from Buyer beware
    Sounds like you have the income flow and the logistical support to do this.
    Of course, the work schedule is something that is unique to your circumstances and needs.
    On the surface of it I would stick with the paralegal work. Getting a job doing scut in the hospital will do you little good except to tire you out.
    One class at a time should be done at first to see how well all the pieces fit together. As you gain academic steam so to speak, you could take more.
    If you do this slowly and methodically, you will succeed.
    May I ask what school you are attending in January?
    I am scheduled to start my 4 prerequisite courses online through Keiser University. I am not 100% positive how the core nursing courses work, but I have heard that it is one-two at a time, but with a full time schedule (M-F from 8am-5pm) which definitely makes things a little tricky as far as work and being a parent to my 2 children.

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    Hello!! Well....I have been pondering going into nursing since I graduated high school but chose a different route due to my mother being sick....that was in 2000.

    But it has been something I have wanted to do for so long that I am ready to take a HUGE leap of faith and make it happen. I start my pre-requisites in January 2017 and hope to start the nursing core in January 2018. I have 2 boys, ages 4 and 13 currently, so by the time I start the core they will be 5 and 14. My oldest son is really good at helping out so I know that he will help but I am scared to death about this transition.

    As a single mom I currently work full time as a paralegal, I have been in the legal field for 7 years. My questions is- what type of work (part-time) might work well for my situation? I want to keep child care costs low. I believe my course will be from 8am-1pm or from 8am-3pm, so my boys will be in school while I am in school. Do you think it would be better to not work during the week and work every weekend? Maybe find a job at a hospital where I could work 2-12 hour days on weekends? Or try to find something in the evenings, say from 5pm-10pm and take weekends off to spend time with my boys and study?

    If there are any single moms that have gone through this process, I would love to hear your stories.

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    I am a single mother (separated) of 2, a 10 year old and a 20 month old. I am starting my prerequisites this summer, I only have 4 to take so it shouldn't take me that long. I hope to apply to an RN program next year. I am worried as I am the bread winner and work 40+ hours a week now. How are you able to maintain a home (rent), utilities, food, childcare, go to school, and still work at least part time? The programs I have found are evening weekend options so that will give me the flexibility to work during the day but still...not 40 hours a week. I didn't know that you could use financial aid for living expenses if you didn't live on campus. Please tell me more. Thank you :-)
    Good luck to everyone!!!!

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    I am 34 (35 in November). I have 2 boys, a 10 year old and a 20 month old. Separated. So a single mom. I work full time and I am hoping to start my prerequisites this summer. I only have 4 to take so if I get done by January I will be applying for an August 2015 program. If not ill apply for the January 2016 start date

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    How long did it take you to complete? Sometimes I feel that I am too old to be starting over again LOL. But I have read that there are all age ranges of nursing students so I have a feeling I will be ok :-)

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    Thank you!!! Sometimes it really does help to hear others opinions as when you are the one in the situation it is hard to think outside the box. I always thought nursing would be impossible with 2 children, working, etc. But seeing that others have done it...and doing my research on the vast options for nursing students these days I am pleasantly surprised to find that it is very possible...with hard work, determination, and a ton of studying LOL.
    Thank you :-)

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    Thank you!!! I am so excited to get started and move forward. I did some research..I believe to be enrolled in 2 schools would require being a "transient" student at the 2nd school. If anyone has heard of a different way please let me know :-)

    This thread is simply amazing so glad I found it.

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    Thank you for all your comments, suggestions, and most of all honesty. I have decided to go after my dream of nursing, but do it here in sunny Florida. I have decided to start my prerequisites (slowly) and at a pace that will introduce me back to going to school and allow me and my family (kids) the opportunity to get use to mom being gone. I found a great program that offers a 2 day a week evening program with Saturday clinicals. Of course nothing is set in stone as I am just starting but that is my plan. I also agree that the family dynamics/drama is a huge stressor, so that is another reason for starting out slowly and taking my time.
    Not sure what is going to happen between myself and my husband. He is completely unsupportive of anything that has to do with me, school, or bettering our family or financial situation…….

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    Yes I want to get it up for sure. Do you know how I would go about starting my prerequisites at a different school? One close to my home now? I understand that a student cant enroll at two different schools. Id really like to take my prerequisites here in Gainesville then apply to the nursing program. I have applied to hcc but have to turn in transcripts.

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    I haven't started yet....but years ago when I obtained my first AAS it was around 3.4. I have to take all the prerequisites other than english and probably college algebra. So hopefully I can get it up some.

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    One question I had- can I do my prerequisites at Santa Fe here in Gainesville and then apply to the nursing program? Of course, if the credits will transfer.

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    Hello all. I am just starting my prerequisites and hope to apply next year. I have 2 children and will be relocating from the Gainesville area for school. This thread was/is a great idea!!!!

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    Thank you I did shadow an RT last year and fell in love with thr entire hospital atmosphere. I was allowed to watch a few procedures and tour/shadow the ICU and children's ED. It was great!!!! I have this huge desire to help people, to make a change in the livesn of others.
    I also thought about trying to get my CNA certificate this year and hopefully start an RN program next year....that way I could work as a CNA or aide while in school. I have a ton of office/legal skills and experience but most of those jobs work day time hours and thats when I need to be in class
    The LPN program I found here is from 6-10pm Monday-Thursday and clinicals on the weekend. I guess I have some serious planning and saving to do!!
    Mjcosb0- I wish you all the best as well!!!! I feel like when we want something so bad it always is so hard to get it. Keep in touch with me. If I move back to Indiana we will be long distance neighbors!! Hugs.

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    He does work a part time job...but that's his spending money. I work full time, pay the bills, raise the kids, etc. Its not ideal at all...but to keep the peace I keep my mouth shut. I've talked. I was taking online classes for a respiratory therapy program and couldn't study because I couldn't find any quiet time. I have always been the independent one so asking for help is hard.....especially with no friends or family.

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    Ella26- honestly....probably not. He has his family and ties here in Florida. Our relationship is not a healthy one but it does push me to try to do better for my kids and show them that anything is possible with hard work and determination.