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    That's what I've always thought and been taught. Been a nurse for almost 14 yrs. what kinds of things that the physician says to you would you not chart? Like sometimes he will just say are you stupid and hang up on someone.

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    Do you always document what the physician tells you in quotes? For example we have a physician that often at night will say "leave the patient alone and don't call me anymore." This is pretty much the reply even when calling with something critical like an elevated troponin.

    Other times this same physician will say things like are you stupid? Or are you even a nurse? This is not necessarily a problem between this physician and I, as he's only done this to me once, but happens frequently to a lot of nurses on our unit regardless of skill level.

    I was always taught to chart what the physician says in quotes to cover my own butt. There has been an issue lately though where management has been telling the nurses not to chart these things. Advice please?

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    Yep MAP needs to be above 60 for adequate perfusion to the body. On our unit we pay very little attention to the B/P numbers and focus more on the MAP. I have had several nephro docs tell me though that the MAP needs to be 70 or better for adequate perfusion to the kidneys.

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    I was just as surprised by that nasty note. I have a 95% in the class. They must not think my posts are that horrible. This whole program annoys me.

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    Quote from jrwest
    ^^ what if you are already running short to begin with that you wouldnt be able to go to 2 pts?
    Then the pt has to go to CCU.

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    Excited to see this thread!

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    I work on a cardiac/step down ICU. Our max is a 4 patient load. We have insulin gtts a lot but our MST's do the finger sticks. We do allow Levo on our floor; however if your patient is placed on it you automatically go to two patients. We are never allowed to have it with more than two.