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    Quote from anyusernamenottaken
    I am 30 so still pretty young. I will look into the accelerated program for sure
    Lord have mercy! You a baby I am appling to nurse anesthesia programs and I am a decade older. I started my nursing prereqs at 34.... And YES to everything loveanesthesia said!

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    I did Magoosh. I would recommend it. I can't compare it with anything else, but I thought it was a good tool. I also got some of the ETS study guides which were okay as well.

    If you have a choice, CVICU. But REALLY, any busy ICU where you work with vents/invasive lines/pressors will do. Best of luck!

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    Hands down, LORs. I have had one recommender that turned her letter in almost two weeks late, even with me reminding her and her saying she didn't mind writing the letter. I just had another one say she wasn't going to write Letters for anyone anymore because she recently took a new position as the ICU CNS. I have coworkers that are applying to the same programs I am, so that throws another pickle into it all. I ended up applying to Midwestern because they don't require LORs.

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    Quote from Ruby Vee

    I have to question anyone who graduates from nursing school knowing that their destiny is to be a CRNA. At that point, you know nothing of nursing. How do you KNOW what you want to do for the rest of your career? If you've already pre-decided that you aren't going to be an ICU nurse, that the ICU is beneath you, that you were meant to be "more" than a bedside nurse, you won't like ICU nursing. Instead, why not keep an open mind and give it a chance?
    I knew, because I spent a decade in the OR as a scrub....I realize I am not the norm. And I don't think ICU is beneath me, it just doesn't get my blood pumping like the OR does except maybe when I get a crashing pt. I went into it wanting to be a great ICU nurse, and I think I am doing well. But I will be so excited to get back to the OR doing what I think is the best part of ICU nursing and the best part of the OR.

    To answer the OP, I did tell my coworkers, and I eventually had to tell management because of the LOR needed. However I wish I had not, just because they ask about it a lot and sometimes I just don't want to tell everyone I didn't get in the first time. But on the other hand, there are a few others that also are trying to get in and so sometimes it's nice to have a sounding board as I try to navigate this process.

    My unit has been supportive and I haven't had anyone acting nasty towards me. We pick our assignments based on a lottery so no issues there, and I usually pick the more difficult assignments anyway. I was passed over for one educational opportunity, but I don't think that was necessarily because of wanting to be a CRNA.

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    Quote from mindy kaling
    I was super detailed, like what kinds of meds I use, what type of pts we see mostly. I didn't go into any specific stories abt patients, stuck to what pt population and procedures/skills I use mostly
    Thanks! I am not sure I was detailed enough, but it's too late now.

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    How detailed were you all when answering the background questions regarding your critical care experiences at your work? I don't know if they are looking for a quick tidbit like you would find on a job application or if they are looking for a story or something like that. Thanks!

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    I am also glad I didn't listen to all the people that said new grads shouldn't specialize! I went straight into the ICU as a new grad. Never looked back.

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    I have been in a MICU for about 2.5 yrs, and a nurse for the same amount of time. My overall science GPA is 3.74, overall GPA is the same. I got a 3.91 in my nursing program. The interview consists of 3 different interviews with 2 interviewers per session. 2 of the sessions are behavioral and get to know you questions, 1 session is a mock code scenario. Everyone was very nice last year.

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    still working on mine, and waiting for 2 more LOR. 66 more days until the deadline!

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    Also, I forgot to mention-I am also currently working on my application. I probably won't submit until end of July though.

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    Quote from Fentanyl_CA
    this is a smaller program. their passing rate is super high- 100% since 2001. i heard it was very competitive. I submitted my application two months ago. Still waiting to hear from them.
    The deadline for applications for the cohort starting in 2019 is September 1st. You aren't going to hear back from them until after the deadline passes--last year it was mid-Sept.

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    I noticed that! Are you going to make a new one?

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    Quote from ICKU-Nurse
    I let the intimidation of sitting in front of 12 CRNA's get the best of me
    TWELVE!?!? good god. I thought 7 was bad.

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    I am not hopeful at this point. I feel like they are just feeding a line so that people don't ask more questions.

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    I was going to call also, but I'll wait to hear what they tell you. No sense tying up all their time asking the same questions when they could be finishing up said letters.