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    Just took the exam today. Chemistry was the hardest, as I took that class years ago.

    There were a lot of questions on chemical bonds, chemical equations, pH scale, etc.

    Study hard, wish you the best.

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    Program Type: BSN
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 80.7%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 70.6%
    Percentile Rank - National - 89
    Percentile Rank - Program - 79
    Reading Adjusted Individual Score 73.8%
    Mathematics A.I.S. 90.0%
    Science A.I.S. 75.0%
    English and Language Usage A.I.S. 80.0%

    Just came from taking the exam.

    Changing careers - doing the 2nd degree accelerated program.

    Studied hours per day for about 5 - 6 weeks. Used the McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests [Paperback]. It was rated very highly on Amazon. It is very thorough and really works! (McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests: Kathy Zahler: 9780071767774: Books)

    Any area that was confusing, I just went online to google or youtube. Be sure and relax the night before the test. Get a good breakfast.

    Weakest areas for me were: punnett square, chemical equations, pH scale, and topic vs theme. (Chemistry wasn't fresh for me).