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    These stories were so inspiring to read!! I'll share mine too, because my "happy ending" Is only just now starting and I'm so excited and proud!

    Well like one of you before, my dad made too much money for me to qualify for financial aid even though he wasn't around. Emancipation didn't do anything to help unfortunately. My solution was to get married. (Bad idea).

    We had a baby, and I quickly found out that my husband was an abusive alcoholic. It got worse to the point that it was getting to be impossible to hide it from my son, and I was having to take him out of the house and run away, or call 911 at least once a week. I wasn't working, just going to school and taking care of my son, and I wasn't from this area so I didn't know many people who could help me. I tried everything I could to help him because I didn't know how I could stay in school without his income. I was months away from starting my clinicals, but I finally decided that for my son's well-being we needed to just leave, whatever the consequences.

    I found a place to live and I started working as a server... Between work, school, clinicals, homework, housework, and my son, I only had time for little naps in my car when I had an hour to spare and happened to find a shady spot. My grades started slipping, I was skin and bones, I had spent all of my savings, wasn't getting child support, and I was basically all alone! I had no choice but to quit school. I tried saving, I tried every government program I could, but I was only making $1000/month and school hours didn't count as work hours to qualify for any programs for childcare or welfare etc. It was impossible to work full time with the requirements of my school and my child.

    Just when I had given up completely on being a nurse, a relative offered to help me get through school, and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have made it. Thanks to their help, I graduated with my BSN in December and I start my dream job in the ER on Monday. I'M SO EXCITED!! I can't describe how good it feels to finally be independent, and to be able to tell my son we're going to Disney World this Spring. However stressful nursing may be, I will never forget what I had to go through to get here in the first place!

    In a weird way it made my day to see that I'm by far not the only one who had to struggle to become a nurse. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories