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    I have been in home care for 15 years. I used to love it, but all these responses sound very familiar. I've worked as case manager and clinical supervisor until I just couldn't do it anymore. I ended up quitting my job with the CHAA, and getting a job with the VA in their home care dept. I love homecare again! It's so less stressful, the worst part of my job now is all the driving.

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    Quote from kmc.kyrn
    What does your agency/you do re: fasting labs? What time frame do you try to get to home? Does the on call nurse go out early? Do you have to start early? Our new boss is wanitng to change work start time to 0700 every morning for everyone, because of this. I dont agree b/c there are not fasting labs every day!
    We don't have a lot of fasting labs. You might want to clarify with the provider if the requested labs really have to be fasting. Most of our patients are geriatrics and I find that the physicians are very understanding with the blood work, most do not order fasting.

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    Love your narrative, it paints a great picture of why you're admitting the patient, however I don't believe areas that are covered in the oasis need to be repeated.