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    Looking for supplemental income such as triage nursing from home. I've searched many cites but I am unsure of which ones are legitimate. Can you recommend anything?? Im open to many ideas. I'm sure there are options I have never heard of. But I do need flexibility. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice.

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    Quote from DoeRN

    Sorry you feel this way. And I said bud not butt.
    I don't let people disrespect me or my coworkers. We take so much crap off people and we shouldn't allow ourselves to be sexually harassed. And since you didn't address it with that patient it bothered you when you went home. If you let this slide then the patient may think it is ok and go even further with the comments or may act upon them. Anywhere else this behavior would not be tolerated so why should we as nurses be ok with being treated this way?

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    We shouldn't!!! I think it bothered me so bad because I didn't know how to address it directly with this patient. This was the first incident I encountered and definitely learned from it. Guess it's time to grow a backbone!!!

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    Quote from turnforthenurseRN

    Check your hospital policy. They need to be checked frequently because critical situations CAN and DO happen, like a tension pneumothorax or sudden increase in drainage. Typically drainage of >100cc/hr needs to be reported, but again, check your hospital policy and it is also physician preference. It is also not uncommon to have >100cc/hr when the chest tube is first placed, but the amount of drainage should taper off.
    I thought this thread was interesting. Only last week I had a fresh post op CABG. Pt rolled out around 2 in the afternoon. At 7 during shift change I only had a total of 70 for my chest tube output. Everything seemed to be going well. Around 10 or 11 that night BP started dropping and CI began coming down and all of a sudden the patient dumped about 150. And through the night but out about 1100. Our concern was tamponade. So I check my drains very diligently for fluid as we hadn't much warning. Things change so quickly!!!!

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    ATI offers a one to one tutor (all online). When I graduated, my school offered this service at a discounted price. I'm not sure how expensive it is, but basically you are on a track and take assessments and remediate as necessary. The tutor gives you a green light when they think you are ready and as a class, we were very successful

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    I hate that others have made crude remarks about you not nipping it in the butt. As a nurse you expect to provide care and compassion and I'm sure you have dealt with difficult patients successfully. I too have recently encountered a situation in which the patient made inappropriate comments. I told other workers and the supervisor and refused to go into this man's room alone. It is not easy to just "nip it in the butt". I tried to laugh it off and the patient even laughed at me and told me I turned all red. I explained that his comment was unexpected and I was embarrassed. I went home in a very unsettled mood.

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    In ICU

    Quote from Dsurflee
    How do New grads feel about starting their careers in ICU?
    I started in CVICU. Very scary as a new grad but now 1 1/2 years in. I'm so glad. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!