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    Lexicomp. Has everything I need including IV compatibility

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    I love your story. It is so true that nursing makes for great stories. Stories that unless you are a nurse or was there when it happened people have trouble believing it.
    I always wanted to be the nurse that could answer all the questions without looking it up. Just like the nurses I saw when I was in clinical. I've been an RN for 12yrs now, and still wish to answer questions without looking it up. It would save so much time to be a walking text book, I'm still waiting for that. I do believe part if the excitement is not knowing it all, learning something new every shift. Living through the really crappy shifts where patients bite, hit, pull hair, and so on. Being able to laugh after a chaotic, super busy shift, that at the time you felt would never end. I love what I do, can't imagine doing anything else
    Thank you for sharing your story, I laughed & laughed.