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    Our patient load is anywhere from 1-6...again depending on the patient's acuity. And I think that with time you do learn how to handle a larger patient load, but the patient load you are talking about is too big for anybody. Mistakes will and probably occur multiple times. Burn-out would be a huge issue I would think. Glad to hear you have personal professional insurance. Most hospitals say they will protect you (the nurse), but if it comes down to losing millions of dollars vs losing a nurse...most hospitals will hang a nurse out to dry and let them take the brunt of the responsibility. I have heard hospital administrators call nurses "a dime a dozen". Protect yourself and your patients above all. If you are having to talk yourself into need to move to a different unit/company.

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    I don't think I carried that heavy of a load when I worked the floor. For ED, that isn't acceptable. It depends on the acuity level but still not safe. I don't know about you but I worked too hard for my license...I don't want to lose it to something like this. Plus we love in such a sue-happy society, I wouldn't want to lose my personal possessions either. At the very least invest in some professional malpractice insurance! (and keep that fact to yourself) Good luck!