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    You're right it is a error waiting to happen. I was imagine scenarios and thought about what if I was distracted and the younger sibling took the prepared meds. That just gave me chills.

    It's so funny because as we speak I am typing one right now. I have paper protectors so I plan on attaching it to my clipboard so that I can always have it with me. Thanks.

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    Okay I see what you mean now. Trust me I wanted to give the meds at 3:30. I learned that it was okay to give meds one hour before or after. But the father looked uncomfortable so I decided that maybe they needed to warm up to me first. Thanks.

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    Quote from SDALPN
    Scary! If I saw a nurse doing this, l'd report the nurse to the nursing supervisor.
    You wouldn't even coach/educate the nurse first.

    I didn't say I couldn't manage my time either. I thought it wouldn't be a problem since I prepared the client's 4pm meds at 3:30pm.

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    Thanks. Now I know. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can so that I can be a great nurse to my client.

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    I meant that if I were to prepare all of the client's meds and organized it by labeling it.

    It would make it easier because preparing the meds takes time so I thought if I got all of that out of the way I could spend more time watching the client.

    It's fine now though someone sent me a PM detailing why it wouldn't be such a great idea.

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    Okay so I finally got a case with my agency and I officially started last week. During my shift my client receives a total of 7 meds 4 of which are PO and 3 are nebs at different times. My question is, is it a great idea to prep all of my meds and have it organized? The family looked a little hesitant with me preparing some of the meds early but it really makes things easier.

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    Hello all! I'm an RN with my AS and I am enrolled in school to get my BS. Searching for a job has been both tiring and depressing. My story is similar to many other new grads so I'll save you the details.

    I actually wanted to stop feeling like crap so I wanted to hear stories of people who got their job. How did it feel when you first started? Encouragement is welcomed too

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    Hello Each1Teach1 do you have your ASN or BSN. I am curious because I currently have my ASN and I am enrolled in BSN program set to grauduate next spring. Do you know if KCH only hires BSN? Thank you.

    Also, I hope you get a call back.

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    Great response bTRUE. I graduated from a NYC school as well and received my license in August 2012 and I still haven't received a call back. I am not giving up! I am even looking for jobs in different county's that is less than 2 hours away via public transportation.

    To the original poster we are all going through the same thing. I've been applying to places online but I feel like I am going to start visiting these places in person. I think that will make my application stand out a little bit more. Also, you should be investing in your career. This simply means to go get certified in common things hospitals are looking for if you aren't already like ACLS, PALS, Infection Control. I think this will show that you are eager to learn and are serious about your career. I'm looking for places to do my ACLS now.

    Good luck!

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    Hello I am a new grad without a job (for now) but I think that this is a great idea! I've started doing the same as well. What I like to do is look up common diseases/disorders and I'm also going to be reviewing a lot of L&D since that is where I am interested in.

    Something cool that you can do is go to FedEx/Kinko's and have them make copies of certain pages of your book and have them shrink it to a size of your liking. I am planning to do that as well.

    You are very smart for taking those courses. I'm planning on getting my ACLS because in NYC it seems to be required for most jobs.

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    Take the job!
    I wish I had such an amazing opportunity. Hope all goes well.