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    Saunders Review has a CD that has thousands of questions. You can also do Kaplan QBank.

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    Thanks! I get 60% and higher on all but two Kaplan objectives. Please let me know how you do. Thanks!

    Is Kaplan like NCLEX?

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    I'm a little lost about what is the best indicator of passing. I am using Saunders Review CD that came with the book and I'm getting over 60% on the individual sections. On Kaplan I am using the Question Bank and I have the same results (60% and higher, sometimes even 100%). My school gave me a ATI Live review and I have been doing that as well with about the same percentage.

    If you have any experience or knowledge about these percentages and how they relate to your passability PLEASE respond to this.

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    I was told that its great practice to do around 3,000 questions. (ATI LIVE REVIEW COURSE)