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    Which IELTS did you use for the NMC registration? The general or the academic?

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    Hi ED RN, I don't have any information on this, unfortunately. But I'm wondering how you were able to get a job offer and apply for jobs without having a visa showing authorization to work?

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    Hi all,

    Wondering if you know of any US-trained CNMs who have (or have not) been successfully licensed in the UK? If so, any idea of their employment course, time lines, etc.?

    My partner has accepted a (permanent) job in London and I am in the middle of my Master's program for my CNM and NP, after going straight through an accelerated RN program. According to the NMC, I will need to work an additional year in my home country before applying for licensure in the UK. Which adds another year apart for my partner and I, but is acceptable if I can get licensed.

    However, I've also just spoken with a friend who has a friend who graduated from the Yale MS-CNM program and worked full-time for 3 years in the US and was apparently unable to obtain licensure in the UK, so I am feeling very discouraged about the whole process.

    Would greatly appreciate any information or contacts that anyone has!

    Thanks in advance

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    The last posts I could find on this topic were several years old, so I'm re-posting. I'm an RN in a Master's program to get my CNM and Women's Health NP. My partner is Dutch and considering moving back to the Netherlands. Wondering what the job market looks like for foreign midwives, and any other hints/experience/tips anyone has.

    Thanks in advance!