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    Hi everyone
    I am a brand new RN. Before report we use the Kardex to organize our brain sheets for the shift we also take info from report on them. Is it a good idea
    to just make a photo copy of the Kardex and on the bottom half of the paper
    record meds to be given, history, Blood sugars, assesments etc. I usually have an average of 8 patients so this would be 4 sheets if i staple them back.
    One more question as long as i do not take this information off hospital grounds is it legal to make a photocopy of the Kardex. Ive tried using the printed sheet and ive even tried to make up my own brain sheet and im not liking either. I feel that maybe this idea will help me as a new nurse. I believe that it will help me to focus on the paient as a whole and in general it will be alot easier to follow. Has anyone out there done anyting simialr. I hope to in the future graduate to a smaller brain sheet but for now i just need a little more info.
    thanks for your opinions this website is great