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    Hi all,I had an interesting conversation with one of techs tonight about safety measures in the OR. He was telling me that about 15 years ago there were a few surgeons who would repeatedly come to the OR smelling like alcohol but there was nothing that could be done or said about it. In our facility we have the right to make a safety reports but he said that the overall culture is that nothing is really done. So I am asking in your opinions, what would you do if you know you we're working with a surgeon who was unsafe (either incompetent, or chemically impaired), would you still go into the OR with them?I also remember at the last facility I worked at, there where rumors that one of our surgeons was incompetent. He had several lawsuits going against him and yet the hospital let him operate. Apparently he had an "in" with the CEO.At your facilities, what are the options that you can make without jeopardizing your license? At the end of the day would you refused to go in an OR with a Dr. Who was not able to preform?Just curious what you would do and if your hospital offers you any protection?