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    Hi from New Zealand
    I used to belong to the ARN until the falling NZ$ mean't the subscription became unaffordable. Now am a member of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Assn.
    However, I manage a small rehab unit here in Masterton, Wairarapa, NZ of 14 inpatient beds, a Day Hospital, and an Outreach Service. Love it. Previously worked in a very much larger unit and would confess to wishing I was still there -- probably because my home and family are still in that city. Anyway if you want some specific answers to specific questions about rehab nursing in NZ ask away. Major problem -- like most elsewheres -- staffing. Nurses here seem to look upon rehab as a stepping stone to get employment then move on to the more glamourous areas of ITU CCU A & E etc. I would like to develop an education programme that really develops the tremendous opportunities that exist in Rehab for personal and professional development one day. Presently completing a Diploma in Rehabilitation with one University and am undertaking a Diploma in Managed Care at another so this academic year is rather full!!


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    Hi "LittleBit"
    I manage a small rehab facility with an average LOS of 20 days and the vast majority of these are over 65's. Cannot say we have any innovative new ways to preventing falls -- that's a really complex question. However from reading your message I detect a unique way of review and I wonder if I could obtain a copy of your protocol for your weekly review of falls. I think this initiative is to be lauded. My email is

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    We want to obtain some critical evaluation of the use of Risk Assessment Tools for predicting falls in the elderly? We have a rehab unit which mostly has over 65's. Does anyone have experience with a tool that reasonably accurately predicts the liklihood of falls so prevention strategies might be implemented??