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    Thank all of you for sharing such valuable information with us (the nurse wannabees and newbies). I get the feeling there's a lot of stuff we don't learn in nursing school so it certainly is nice to have some 'one on one' mentoring from those of you who are more experienced and knowledgeable. And they say nurses 'eat their young.' Thank all of you for being nurturers rather than predators. Way to go!!!

    Quote from caroladybelle
    Actually, your friend should have known to check compatibility of meds before pushing or hanging any meds into a line, not specifically TPN. That is part of basic nursing care (nursing 101/fundamentals).

    Though one thing not generally taught. TPN components in most facilities are changed everyday in response to lab work changes. Just because a drug is compatible with the solution one day does not mean that it will be compatible the next, because solution components may have been changed. And connecting anything into a TPN line increases risk of line infection, even if compatible. As such, nothing should be given through TPN. They should also be marked so that blood draws are not done off the TPN line, as lyte panels may be altered. Also TPN should not be abruptly stopped and started, as it can make the patient hypoglycemic - it needs to be titrated off.

    As to use other lumens for incompatible solutions, policy varies depending on the central access. Some midlines and PICCs are inappropriate and some lines are. Most facilities have polcies based on research and their experience dealing with is in use in the facility.

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    You go girl! Age is all in your mind, and if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. I'm 49 yo and also a grandmother. I'll be starting my senior year in an ADN program in August. Graduate, if all goes well, in 05/06.
    Best of luck to you,
    PS: No, you're not crazy; ambitious yes! But, what's wrong with that?

    Quote from msmona
    I'm a 50 year old "grandma" raising my hubby's two grandkids with him.(ages 11 and 13 now). I'll be starting nursing school in the fall- hope to graduate with a BSN in 2007- at least it will be 3 years before my granddaughter! AM I CRAZY??? :hatparty: :roll

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    Hello Suzy253,
    Good for you! I'm 49 and also starting my second year. I'm a senior too, FINALLY. Hopefully, I'll be graduating in May 2006 also. We can do this!! Hang in there. Thanks for being an encouragement.
    Best wishes,

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    Just wanted to say hello again. Still a student (aged 52)--just finished my junior (2nd) year in a diploma program so now I'm officially a senior. Graduation 5/06!

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    Trust me Not2old2care, if I can do the math, anyone can. I never even took algebra in high school, but I did have to take some prerequisite courses at the CC where I am getting my ADN before I could get into the program. Solving for X was like "Greek" to me, so you have NOTHING to worry about in the math department. I won't lie to you, the core subjects have been very challenging to say the least. Thank God that my family has been very supportive. I don't worry about my age so much because I figure if my health holds out, I want to be doing something productive with the rest of my life and nursing is what I choose to do. At the CC that I am attending, there are quite a few of us "older" students, both female and male, and I think that's wonderful. We seem to fit right in and most of us are very dedicated and hard working. If you're happy with nursing, then go for it, and don't let your age worry you. You'll have a better idea whether nursing is right for you after you start your clinicals. Only the dedicated usually hang in there. I wish you all the best and keep me updated on your progress. My best suggestion on the math and everything is to study, study, study! If you're unsure, get help ASAP. Most schools offer tutors free to students actually in the program. Check it out with a counselor. Math tutors helped a lot of students at my school. Try to find a good student to be a study buddy with or if your school has a mentoring program, take advantage of it. Having a study partner helps a lot. Oh, and I also wanted to tell you that my best friend in the program is almost 52 and she's an excellent student and loves nursing! If you really want it, you can do it!!
    Best of luck,

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    Hi Sunny05!

    I am older than you (50!) and am about to embark on my first year in the core courses for my ADN. I have done well in all my pre-reqs but am concerned especially about the math in the core classes. Any suggestions?

    Do you ever feel like you will be too old to actually work in the field once you've completed school?

    I'd appreciate hearing from someone in my age range what I have to look forward to!



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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm Sunny05, and today is my first day joining allnurses. I'm in my second year of an ADN Program. If all goes well, I will graduate in May 2006. I am 49 yo and the mother of 3. Nursing school has been tough! I just hope it will be worth it someday. Best of luck to all of you. We can do it!!!