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    Yea.... I am also looking at the accelerated programs, but since I never studied in US, I am a little worried I can not quickly catch up....

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    I have the same thought as you, and now I plan to go to the community school to ask an advisor about the ASN program and their transfer program! Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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    Thank you for sharing your experiences! I am so surprised to receive such prompt and detailed suggestion and I am now also planning to go to the community school to ask about the transfer program. Thanks a lot!!

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    I have graduated from a university outside of US with BA degree. Now I want to study for a BSN degree. I want to ask why most people choose a 4 year traditional BSN program instead of get a ASN in a community school ,then study a RN-BSN program? Since the second way might only need 3 -4years and also get a Bachelor degree. In addition the tuition will be much cheaper and you can work while you study the RN-BSN program. So is there any reason I did not noticed? maybe the bachelor degree from RN-BSN program is different from traditional BSN? Or the passing rate of a register nursing test is very low in community school? etc.

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    I have had a bachelor degree major in English from a Chinese university, and now I want to become a nurse. I noticed there are several path to become a nurse, but can not decide which one best for my situation, hope anyone can give me some suggestion,thanks!

    1. Accelerated Program: it only takes one year to complete which is great, but I heard it's quite competitive to get a space for most university. And since i never studied in US, I am not sure whether the course will be too overwhelmed for me

    2. 4 years traditional Program: It's a easier way to get a BSN Degree, but that means it is a bit too long for me since I hope I can get to work earlier to help to support my family

    3. Community school: I found a Community school offer 2 year ASN program, and I think if I will continue study RN-BSN program after that, so that I can finally get a BSN degree. And one thing I especially want to ask is why people choose traditional program instead of this one, since this one is cheaper any you can work after 2 years and also you can apply RN-BSN program later to get BSN ?

    4. I recently also found the Community scholl has some transfer program, not very clear about the difference from the 4 years traditional program

    Thanks for anyone taking your time to read and I will be very appreciate if you can leave some suggestion for me! Thanks