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    I recently moved from the west coast to the south and I can understand my coworkers from Mexico, Tibet, and Kenya better than I can understand those who are US born and have heavy southern accents!

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    Pliny, I just saw your question about when my classmates and I were hired. We graduated in November 2012 and three of us were out here working by the end of January 2013. Another just got hired. We're in Fayetteville, Greenville, Knightsdale, and Raleigh... Good luck everyone!

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    It's better in NC than many parts of the country. I and a number of my classmates all got jobs in the state and moved from the west coast.

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    That awkward moment when your preceptor tells you (in front of the patient) to put the condom catheter on just like you use a regular condom... but you've never used a condom before. Followed immediately by that awkward moment when you go to put on said condom catheter and learn what the nightshift RN meant by "difficult anatomy."

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    Quote from cablefree
    Hey everyone, I just interviewed at the hospital a couple days ago for a new grad position. I was offered a job in both med/surg and progressive care. I'm still deciding if I want to take the job... I currently live in the Northeast, it would be a big move for me. I am taking the NCLEX in 2 days. The new grad program seems like it would be a good experience.
    Congratulations! I know quite a few people who are relocating. I'm coming from across the country, myself.

    Hope NCLEX went well!

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    My favorite is "submersion" instead of aversion.

    I agree with GrnTea, but it's fun to chuckle sometimes. Before taking the opportunity to provide a little patient teaching, of course...

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    Butter Soft, hands down!

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    Hi there,

    Is there a place to find a list of states that require self-disclosure about mental health treatment? I did a search of AN and couldn't find an answer. If it's helpful, I'm specifically interested in the requirements as they relate to licensure by endorsement in North Carolina. The information states the applicant must be in "good physical and mental health" but doesn't define what that means, as if it's up to the individual to decide. Thoughts?

    Thank you in advance!