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    Did they happen to culture his sputum before the antibiotics?

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    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone is from San Diego out there. I have been thinking about moving out there for some time now. Does anyone care to share the scoop on nursing opportunities in San Diego? Do the jobs pay enough to afford living in San Diego's expensive community? Thanks for all responses!

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    Just wondering what you guys know about job opportunities for NP's. A nurse I work with had to go back to bedside nursing due to a lack of NP jobs available. She said that PA's are used more often. Perhaps this is just in the midwest, Is this the case throughout the US? Thanks for all responses!

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    We draw from PICCs all the time, you just can't use a syringe bigger than 3cc.

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    We are on call every other week for eight hour shifts, mandatory. We get a whole 1.75 an hour while on call. If you get called in and maybe you only have to stay a few hours then the rest of your call is not cancelled, oh no. You get to go back home and sit by the phone. And, most of the time when we get called in it is to float to another unit sometimes two units. It sucks, I don't recommend taking a job where you have to be on call so much.

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    I'm not arguing with you anymore Talino. If you care to notice the majority of replies are claiming that I did the right thing. Yes I'm pissed, you were extremely rude! I don't know what your problem is. Just leave me alone to vent to people who care to understand.

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    Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE
    Im sorry , I dont know you ... but your posting of how the family disturbed you, DISTURBED me.... Yes I know you have a schedule and you were also looking out for your patient and his well being... and maybe I just read your post wrong and without enough coffee in my system. But your comments made me sick... and thats not easy to do. I guess Im just used to seeing familys not giving a rats ass about the patient, maybe thats it? The 3 woman doted over the patient rubbed his legs, remained at his bedside, and asked you questions....... HMMM , and your problem is??? Did you wonder if the questions were their way of being envolved with the care given since it was obvious the care had been removed from them, you stated he had Leuk, imagine how many times those 3 woman had taken care of this man .... Im sure it was more than once. You also stated he was having a lung biopsy in the morning..... did you talk to the Mother ,sister,and His wife.. about their anxiety about his impending surgery? Maybe in their head they had the worst case senerio running through their mind. Would he make it through?,Is it cancer?.What if its worse?, He can die from going into the OR., Will he have a nurse in the OR that will care for him, like I would?. Kind of get my drift... Understand this I am not flaming you or making your job trival by any means... I respect you for the fact that you are a RN and you have done what it takes to get there, This is a post where you vented and Im glad you got whatever you had in you out. I wonder if you had just given them a little more information, maybe their fears and anxiety would have been relieved, which would have lessend the questions, lessend the swooning, lessend them being in your face.... . Just wondering.
    You apparently have the same attitude as talino.....WHATEVER

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    Their actions disgusted and annoyed you??

    These are immediate family members - a wife, a mother, and a sister.

    Obviously, the fate that the patient was enduring was very distressing to them. They're not medical professionals who like us understand the process of a disease. When they rubbed his feet, his legs, his face, they were conveying their love and support because that's the only assurance they can give him. When they hovered around him they didn't know what else they can do and wished they did.

    They kept asking questions? Did you ever pause a few minutes and explained to them what was going on?

    Yes, I stated in my post that they were asking me something every two minutes, and of course I answered them. But I'm SORRY!!! I can not teach people everything about nursing in twelve hours!

    Did you tell them before they came in that the patient could really use rest and ask that they limit their visit to 10 mins.?

    Why would I do that, Family can be good to have around, until they start freaking out on you and make your patient anxious. Every hear of Maslow? Physiological needs come before psychological.

    "Can you please wait outside for a while, we'll be doing a few procedures for the patient, I will get you as soon as we're done." Did you say that?

    I asked them nicely to leave when the time came that their presence was not in the best interest of my patient, that is called being a patient advocate.

    Did you ever ask yourself, what if that was my spouse, my Dad, my young brother who's suffering from an unknown illness and an unknown treatment and an unknown prognosis? (That's how laymen see an illness compared to us medical professionals) I ask myself these questions every day at work, I never said I did not have any empathy for them, The point to my "vent" is I could not do my job with the family around, and when someone's life is depending on you being in an optimal state of mind you need to acknowledge that fact and do what needs to be done.

    Oh I know. You don't have time, you've got other patients to take care of. And maybe, this was your second shift. Are you even in the nursing field?

    There are scenarios where the presence of visitors do interfere with care. And I've had my battles with them, too. Your situation is not one of them. You executed a common pitfall of a nurse-client (and family) relationship -- a failure to communicate. Ummm were you there, because I didn't see you in the room?

    You're burned out!. We're all burned out! But, I won't let a dispirited family have it.

    Once again, I was polite and simply asked them to leave I didn't beat them with a stick! Are you sure you are a nurse?
    I thought this site was a place for nurses to support each other, not eat each other alive.

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    I work in the icu where family members are given certain visiting hours but almost always fail to acknowledge them. My patient had spiked a fever while recieving ffp prior to a scheduled open lung biopsy for the next day. His wife, sister and mother were all in the already small room swooning over him rubbing his legs, up in his face. They were driving me crazy too, coming out the nurses station to tell me/ask me something every two minutes. I was getting so far behind, I had barely payed much attention to my other patient. I called the doc to notify him of the spiked temp and he instructed me to continue the infusion (given he had spiked temps all day and he was admitted for neutropenic sepsis secondary to leukemia) but I was just doing the cya thing in case of a possible rxn. I just could not concentrate with this family up in my face and up in my patient's face. I was fed up, walked in the room looked at my patient and asked him if he would like to sleep, he looked up at me like a sick child would look at his mother and shook his head yes, I felt so bad for him. How could he realize the situation was not conducive to his healing, his pulse was up in the 130's partially d/t his fever, but also his anxiety from these three women hovering. I looked at the wife and said- maybe it's time for you to leave. She looked at me like- how could you say that! But i guess something clicked in her head and she immediately complied with my request. So they gathered up thier things and the sister asked me 3 times if I would come get them if anything happened, as if i'm retarded or something. UGGGH! I just thought to myself if this guy codes you will not be the first thing on my mind! Shortly after they left his temp came down from a whopping 39.5 back down to 37 within two hours.....hmmmm... I wonder why. He actually got to get some sleep.

    I just think it is fascinating how a reasonably stable situation can worsen tenfold when you are struggling with the family. Maybe I was harsh in asking them to leave but it was certainly in the best interest of my patient.

    I understand looking at it from their perspective how the majority of their actions were emotional, however I can't get over how angry it made me.

    Thanks for listening to me vent!!!

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    Hello fellow nurses!

    I've been pondering the idea of moving. Does anyone know of any part of the country that is a "good" nursing area. I know that sounds kind of silly, but I was just curious. Thanks!

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    In response to your quote regarding nursing being easier than being a doctor- Don't ever say that! It's just kind of taboo and you will get a lot of negative feedback if you ever say that to any self respecting nurse. Just a FYI.

    Nursing school is challenging. If you want it bad then you will finish. Good Luck!

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    In regards to your article - Getting good care in the hospital requires vigilance-, you have not told the whole story. You have only worsened the already poor view the public has of nurses. If I were super woman I could answer every call light, every question, complete all of my paperwork, have time for lunch,etc etc. It is simply impossible! Instead we have to prioritize, we make sure our patients get thier meds safely, treatments safely, emergencies are tended to in a fast efficient manner. Perhaps you should use your press pass to spend some time with nurses and get the real story as oppossed to adding fuel to the fire of the already ignorant public's perception of nurses. There is simply a lot more to it than meets the eye. Please tell the real story to the public and help the country's nursing shortage. More and more nurses will be retiring soon, this shortage will peak in 2006. We do NOT need to be treated like criminals by having our patients families ask us our name and write down everything we do every time we enter our patients room. Why do you think something as negative as that would help? I ask you again to redeem yourself by making it known to the public about the nursing shortage, and what it's really like to be a nurse.


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    7 mos.

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    I've been thinking about trying hospice nursing. What kind of experience do you need ? I've been working medical intensive care for about 6 mos now and this is my only work experience as an RN. Just curious if any one would like to give me some info. Thanks!

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    while working as a home health nurse the patient's husband asked me to look at his knee because he was having pain and wanted to know if he should use a heating pad, take ibuprofen or some tylenol. I told him to see his doctor, that I am not able to give him advice. Is that stupid? I'm so paranoid about legal action. What do you think?