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    Hello all! I am a new member of this site, although I have been reading and enjoying all the articles, tips, and cartoons on here for awhile. Anyway, the main reason I wanted to write is because I am a new nurse. Actually, more than new. Yesterday was my first day off orientation and I had soooooo much anxiety before that shift. I was very surprised to find that being off orientation actually didn't feel that much different than being on orientation. Maybe this is because I had really good preceptors who let me completely take over the care of 5-6 patients so I was pretty much used to being on my own anyway. Also, it didn't hurt that my most recent preceptor was there yesterday for my first day off orientation. I loved this! She was great and said that I was still free to ask her questions, which I did.

    I must say, I am so thankful that I am surrounded by great nurses who always let me ask questions and don't judge me for being new. It would be about 10 times as hard if I didn't have such knowledgable nurses around me.

    Anyway, I was just wanting to know what sort of advice you all have for brand new nurses, in terms of time management and organization as well as how to control the nervousness enough to enjoy days off. Thanks!