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    I have wanted to work in the NICU forever. I had to take an adult med surg job coming out of school (1.5 years) then I got into a children's hospital but wasn't able to even find a NICU job posted (1.5 years in peds med/ surg.) Then I was able to get into that hospital's PICU by great luck and I counted my blessings and convinced myself that the PICU is really where it is at. I have been in the PICU for 6 months and am really liking it but do dream of the NICU often. I now find that I will likely have to move out of state soon (for my man) and have begun looking into getting a job in the bay area California. (I realize this totally sucks for the PICU that has invested in me and I am going to try and stay as long as possible and am even considering flying back and forth for a while and keeping this job. They have been good to me and I owe them.)

    Question: I have come across NICU jobs to apply to, but no PICU jobs. I would be so very happy to apply to and get a NICU job. But how bad does that job history look to hiring managers and how could I possibly improve my chances of getting past the initial look through. Is it getting to be too many jobs in too short a time and would trying to switch to the NICU look flakey and unreliable or just like that is what is available and I want a job. I want to portray to them that I am there for the long haul (and I really feel that way.) I would be long term in either a PICU or NICU, but I would be super excited about a NICU job. What do the profesional hirers think? Or anyone else for that matter. Any way to tell them what I am thinking and where I am coming from in the online application process?