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  • Jan 11 '13

    Wow... Bitter much?? I'm sorry - but I'm tired of people trying to dumb down the BSN. How can more education be a bad thing?? Do I think having a BSN makes me a better nurse than an ADN? NO! I was trained by an AMAZING ADN preceptor & work alongside many fantastic ADN nurses. But am I proud of earning my bachelor degree? HELL YES! It makes me angry that this is always such a hot topic for debate. Why judge someone for continuing their own education? And for the record - it was not just "an extra PE class" that earned me that degree! That's just an ignorant statement to make & it's offensive. I have yet to hear a BSN nurse make derogatory comments toward ADN nurses...because quite honestly, I don't believe that most BSN nurses consider it an issue, but damned if I don't constantly see a new thread on AN nearly every week bashing nurses who went for their BSN. It's all so petty and not conducive to the work environment at all! Sorry to come across harsh - it's just frustrating to be made to feel like I need to constantly defend my hard earned degree. I am proud of it, just as an ADN should be proud of theirs.