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    Quote from owlRN01
    Hey! How long have you been taking cases? What are your kids (or adults) like? I also did this as a new grad but I got simple kids with g-tubes and such. When they tried to send me somewhere without an orientation with another nurse I told them no. Truth is that most of those places just want someone to fill the holes with these kids. I cared enough about the kids and I knew what areas my skills were lacking. I never put a kid in danger and I never risked my lisence just so the company could fill a hole with a nurse. I got out of that situation as fast as I could by finding a job in a hospital. It only took me a couple months but I realize for others it is taking a lot longer. Are you working with adults or kids? I think no matter what home health is a crappy place for a new grad to start. Most of us just are not confident enough in our skills. I took the job because I needed money and I needed experience. If you feel the same way stick it out for a while until you find a job that better suites a new grad. Whatever you do, do not let them walk all over you and send you to cases you are not comfortable with. I wish you the best of luck!
    thank u I work with kids and i guess im in the same.boat as u. It was hard getting a job as a new grad. I need the.exp. but this company isnt like that they wont.send u anywhere.u are uncomfortable and they always orient u first. were u nervous as a new nurse? If you were how long.did it take.u to get over it?

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    Hi im a new grad and I have been working as.a private duty nurse and im still very scared any advice?