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    Again, thank you all for your kind replies. I also wanted to note that I never told any of my co-workers about my plans to attend CRNA school or talked about my grades to anyone. I learned through this board that many people have had issues when they told others of their plans and so I kept this information to myself. So I don't think my future plans or current schooling had anything to do with the treatment I recieved. Also just a note- our facility only required checking and documenting the CT status every 4 hours. I know some of you will cringe or not believe this - but I keep a blank set of docs at home (we just got new forms in Nov and I wanted to study them). Not that I should have not been checking but documenting is only every 4 hours.

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    Quote from jorogers
    you got bad information - you can start an agency for a fraction of $250,000 unless you are in a CON state. There are very few states that require a CON for Home Health. It is best to become Certified and market for mostly Medicare patients. I have seen numerous first year budgets for start-up that are submiited to Medicare and the budgets require less than $50,000. You can do it for less if you want to work harder.
    What is a "CON" state? Also, it was my understanding that the "expensive" part of becoming Medicare certified was that you had to have several Medicare clients before you could apply for that certification number (and comply with all Medicare requirements). Thus, if you had even four Medicare clients and were paying four (or more) nurses to cover those cases their pay (the RN's covering the cases) would come out of your pocket until you were approved. Is this correct or am I missing something?

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    Hello all - this is Roland's wife - OahuRN. As many of you know, having read and I'm sure fumed over some of his posts, Roland is a bit passionate about whatever he is currently posting on. If his posts rub you the wrong way - imagine living with him!!! All kidding aside - what he wrote about my preceptor sabatoging me was absolutely true. So to clear up any confusion - I will tell you what happened. First let me say that despite Roland's post - I will not be "taking this to the media" or anywhere else for that matter. Several people in management are aware of the situation and for whatever reason have sided with my preceptor. Therefore, I feel it is best to leave this unit and go on with my career than to be bogged down with a battle I probably cant win. Anyway- this past week when I had my regular meeting with my manager and preceptor, my preceptor showed me an evaluation form in which she alluded to "setting traps" for me. She said she had done "things" to see if I would catch them. Apparently I did not catch all of them. One in particular was that she disconnected a pt's CT from wall suction for 2 hours (not the 4 Roland thought) and I did not notice this. She did not discuss what else she had done. But, as hard as it may be to believe, she really did write down on my eval that she had disconnected the CT. I take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for not noticing this - I should have seen this when I checked the levels but I didnt. I made an error but what she did was unprofessional, unethical and unsafe nursing and intentional. I said this to my manager who replied that my preceptor "felt" bad about it and that was sufficient for her. After more discussion, we all agreed this was not the unit for me and that I would immediately float to another unit and pursue other interests. For those of you who were skeptical of Roland's post - I can only say that what it actually happened. I am saddened about it but will seek another position and put this behind me. Thank you all for your supportive posts - they have given me great comfort at this difficult time.

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    Thank you all for your posts! I am sorry I have not replied earlier than now but my plate has been full. As for the ICU I was in - I did make the decision to leave. I will float to another unit starting this week and will also look at other ICU positions. The final straw this week was when my preceptor told me that she had deliberately set "traps" for me. In a meeting with her and my manager - my preceptor showed me a "secret" evaluation she had filled out. In it, she commented on how she had tested me on several things (one in particular- disconnecting a chest tube from suction to see if I would notice) and whether I had picked up on all of them or not. Apparently, I did miss some things - I do not know what they are as she did not comment on them. After getting over the initial shock of this - I told my preceptor and manager that I did not feel this was the right place for me and that my preceptor's actions were unprofessional, unethical, and unsafe nursing and I could not stay in such an environment. I am deeply saddened over the whole ordeal - I had never before encountered the "older nurses eating their young" syndrome commonly associated with nursing and so I was really not prepared for this. Dont misunderstand me - I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for not noticing the disconnected CT (it was disconnected from the wall suction for 2 hours per my preceptor) but I was not prepared to be sabotaged by my preceptor. After all is said and done - this is not the place for me- and while I am a bit crushed - I will go on, find another position and chalk this up as experience. Again thank you all for your kind replies.

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    Hi all,
    This is my first post but I have read posts for over 2 years. I am having some issues in my new job and need your advice. I graduated in Dec 2004 and began working on a Med/Surg Trauma floor. I was there for 8 months and gained great experience but applied to the hospital's CVCC since I would eventually like to apply to CRNA school. Anyway- I have been there for almost 4 months and about to quit. Here are some of what I have gone through:

    1.I was told I would have 1-2 preceptors during orientation - I am now on #7.
    This creates issues b/c each preceptor has their own way of doing things and I am constantly corrected (ex- one preceptor writes her VS, etc on notebook and then transfers to chart, she said to do this b/c taking the chart in the pts room is an infection control issue- when I did this with another preceptor- she acted like I was a moron and actually wrote a bad eval on this).
    2. I was told I could remain on my Tues, Fri, Sun shift like on my original unit ( I need this schedule due to babysitting issues) but instead I am on Sun, Tues, Thurs. (My husband had to drop out of nursing school in order to accomodate this)
    3. I was told on orientation, I would start with one stable patient and over 12 weeks build up to taking 1-2 more critical. I have always had 2 critical pts and the first few weeks my preceptor was so busy I might as well have been on my own.
    4. I met with my mgr 3 weeks ago to discuss getting off orientation and she told me that one of preceptors said I was not SOCIABLE enough b/c on my down time I prefer to catch up on the hours of required computer training instead of chatting with the other nurses! ( I am not making this up!)
    5. At my latest meeting with administration, 2 days ago, my preceptor said I had improved 150% in the last 2 weeks ( I have been taking 2 patients on my own, talking with every nurse I see on the unit, and improving my time management, etc.) then she says that what concerns her is that she does not see the PASSION she is looking for. She stated that we had a lung transplant come back from surg and I did not come over to "get the scoop" on what was going on like the other nurses. Sorry- I was too busy taking care of my own 2 fresh post-op pts.
    At this point I am on orientation for at least another 2 weeks when we will all meet again and discuss my PASSION. I am about to give up. Since I have been there I have seen a nurse hang a bottle of insulin for one pt in another pt's room b/c she did not order the other pt's med in time, one nurse give a pt so much pain meds she had to give Narcan only to find out his real problem was that his O2 was not plugged in, I come in at least 1 shift a week to find that the off-going nurse has not charted a single thing all day but I am in trouble for a lack of PASSION. So my ? to you all is Am I crazy to stay on this unit? I know there are issues everywhere but this is making me miserable. Any advice?