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    No I never recieve any email with tests. I only got a confirmation email when I applied and since then nothing. On December 13th, my status said "Completed_Updated: Dec 13th" and then changed to "Completed_Updated: Jan 5th" last week, but I never got any sort of email. I don't *think* I have been rejected, though because on previous Dignity Health applications where I was rejected, my status is "Not Selected" and I have been watching my email for Dignity Health emails pretty closely. If you (or anone else) end up getting any sort of actual call, can you post to share. I would really appreciate it!

    Hmmmm.... I wish I could just know one way or the other already!!

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been searching for this topic for awhile, but did not see it anywhere. Has anyone here applied for the March 2013 Northrige Versant program? I applied in early Dec and I thought they were going to be holding interviews in January (ie scheduling in Dec), but I have not heard anything yet (good or bad). I am just wondering if anyone out there has heard anything or called and spoken to the nurse project manager (I have called twice, but always get her VM and don't want to leave a message). I signed onto the website and all it says is that my application was recieved "complete". I know there can't be very many spots avaliable and the suspense is killing me.
    Just looking to commiserate,