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    Please offer any suggestions for my thank you note that I am going to send to the person who interviewed me yesterday. I have another interview next week, and have never had that amount of time between interviews before (which offers time to actually send a thank you note).

    Also, all of the examples that I see online are very formal and typed. Is handwriting in a notecard okay? I think it is more personal, but I am not sure which is the proper to do.


    Thank you for taking the time to meet with me regarding the Registered Nurse position. I am very excited about this position, and for the opportunity to work at OFFICE NAME HERE! I can certainly see why you have been there for over 30 years. Thank you again for your time and considerartion, and I look forward to the possibility of working alongside you.

    Sincerely, MY NAME"

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    Thanks for all these new replies. As far as working in the same company as my mother, this could be a concern- fortunately, this is a LARGE company (small corporation) with over 200 physicians, and several thousand employees. It's not just a small doctor's office. There are several husband-wife, or mother/daughter sets working there.
    Thanks again for the replies. I am basically just waiting to hear from the lady who is in charge of hiring.

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    The toughest situation I experienced as an RN in the hospital was when I worked nights. I had 5 patients, and never stopped running between those. I had a patient who was getting a very dangerous medication for migranes IV (and she had to be monitored Q15minutes) I got a new admission who was having active seizures, just as I found out another one of my long time patients was also having active seizures (that had previously been well controlled). The long time patients sats were dropping to the mid 60's, woudn't respond to oxygen, and the physicians taking care of him couldn't get there quickly enough.

    I had only been working about 4 or 5 months max at that time, and I was truly so sad. The mom of the long-time patient was hysterical, and I kept getting teary thinking about her, and the patient, as well as ALL of the many things I had to do.

    It might not seem like much to read, but at the time, it was really a difficult time, both physically and emotionally.

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    Thanks for the responses so far.

    In response to healthyRN, he doesn't expect me to prepare his lunch... sorry I didn't say it clearly. He wants me to email his wife so she can prepare for their lunches together. Either way, though... kinda sounds weird to me.

    Thanks again for the responses...

    I just heard from my mom that the lady in charge (who will decide to hire me or not for either of those physicians) passed it on to the peds team (via the nurse practitioner) that she thinks I need to be in peds as well.

    Apparently, the head physician (the one I know) is completely against having an RN (probably due to money things), although there are 2 other physicians, a NP and a new physician coming next month that do. Well shall see! There is a big meeting tonight with that team, so it's supposed to be brought up.

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    I have been a pediatric RN on a hospital floor for 9 months. I love what I do. Unfortunately, I don't love the corporation I work for, or the 14 hour days without lunch that I end up working. Even though there are usually only 3 workdays to my week, it truly isn't worth it... working Christmas and Thanksgiving is NOT WORTH losing my sanity!

    I have lost my health since working on the floor... I seem to get sick ALL the time, despite universal precautions, and other precautions depending on what my patient has. Lately, I've been having problems with Syncope, tachycardia, Palpitations, and we can't seem to find a cause (although I've been told many times by many doctors that it is probably related to stress).

    Anyway, my mom works for a large orthopedic practice in my area, and they happened to have an opening. I've jumped through all the interviewing hoops, and they have a physician that they feel is the "first in line" to get a nurse, although there are several more (one of these physicians is a pediatric spine doctor that I have worked with on my floor and knows who I am, and I like him... he's is a great doctor). I interviewed with this doctor recently, and didn't get a good vibe from him. He has had several nurses in his few years of working, and I also got the feeling that he was weary about me as well (having only worked 9 months in one place), and he stated that he wants a nurse to be committed to him and his practice, etc which I completely understand, but basically asked me how can he be sure that I won't want to go back to peds (a worry of mine as well!), or to the hospital. He also told me that part of my responsibility would be to email with his wife to let her know if he was on schedule, etc to prepare for lunches together. He repeatedly told me how good his previous nurse was, and how big of shoes I will have to fill. Overall, he is a very nice guy, and I was told by several other people that he is a great doctor, very nice, etc.

    Today, I hear from my mom that the peds doctor's (who is also looking for a nurse, but is NOT first priority compared to this doctor) team would LOVE to have me, coming from his nurse practitioner.

    Although the peds practice is MUCH more high strung and can be (From what I've heard) extremely stressful, I truly believe that pediatrics is my calling. The nurse practitioner is going to talk to the doctor tomorrow, but I am afraid that in the mean time I MAY be offered a job. I was told by the nurse educators (both of them) that I interviewed with from the company that they think I need to be in peds, because of the spark I have when I talk about it.

    Sorry about the novel, and I'm really almost done but...
    what do I do? Should I send an email NOW saying that I'm really interested in peds, and while I liked this other doctor I would really like to look into that?
    OR Should I wait and see if they make a job offer? They have already said that if doctor #1 doesn't choose me as his primary nurse, that they have several other positions available that we could talk about. If they do make a job offer, what do I say?
    I didn't have a good feeling after the interview with doctor #1 this A.M. as he seemed very nervous to have a nurse that has only been at one job 9 months, but I am still worried about "what if."

    Any advice or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated from anyone who has been in a similar situation or who has some wisdom regarding this.
    Sorry again about the long-winded email!

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    Okay take a step back now. It's not THAT bad. Everyone has a different experience, some worse than others. Each is unique. I (along with three other of my 20 classmates) actually thought it was easier than my nursing school exams, and was done in about 25 minutes.

    You CAN and WILL pass NCLEX

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    I just found out VIA quick results... I passed!! I am so happy :hatparty: :Present1:

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    Wow! I keep hearing about so many people finding out before 48 hours...

    Jody, how did you find out so soon? I wish mine were up!

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    About 40 minutes after the survey with 75 Q's.

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    I have heard you can fail/pass at any number, including 75. Yes, people have failed at 75! My NCLEX instructor told us if you fail in the early numbers, it's because there is no way, even with the other questions, that you can pass. The computer knows this

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    I'm done!

    I got to the testing center around 730, and sat in my car until 15 till 8. I took one last look at lab values, and went in. A few other people were waiting, and we waited until about 815 until the center opened.

    I got checked in, and began the tutorial around 830. After the tutorial (and before beginning to answer the test), I did a brain dump. I did all lab values, and med levels that I rememered as well as endocrine (Hypo/hyper thyroid, Hypo/Hyper parathyroidism, Cushings and addisons), which made me feel better.

    I started the actual testing around 845 or so, and finished with 75 questions at about 920. I got a lot of priority (who would the nurse see/call back first), and delegation (What is the most approp. activity for the NA to complete...) and NO med calculations. I had quite a few meds but they weren't absolutely impossible to answer. I knew at least 1/2 of the meds and the other half, you could mostly use the name of the med to figure it out.

    I did not walk out crying or feeling crappy, I feel confident (although I think if I'd not hung out on here and found out that I will get 1/2 wrong regardless of pass/fail I would have been in tears!), although I am not happy about having to wait 48 hours to find out (I'm impatient!).

    I plan to take the next two days to RELAX!

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE TODAY. I learned that although stressful, the actual test was not as tough as I'd had drilled into my brain. It took thinking, but I used the info. from nursing school and felt confident in the answers.

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    thanks for all the wishes of luck, everyone! I am just finishing up breakfast and will be leaving soon for the testing center!

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    Who else is taking NCLEX tomorrow?

    I am schedule for 9am. I am trying to finish up studying (looking over some lab values and some last minute things), and get my paperwork (ATT and directions) together. It's 6:30 pm here, and I am trying to wind down for the night already... hopefully I'll be in bed in a few hours!

    I woke up early so I wouldn't be awake until 2am again (like I have for the last couple weeks), and it is working... I'm exhausted

    Good luck for EVERYONE who is testing tomorrow. I am sure I will be back on here telling ALL about the test, and freaking out tomorrow.

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    Congratulations!!! Now go RELAX!!

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    We test the same day and QUICKRESULTS should be ready around the time we finished testing (from what I've heard although I've heard a few around the time they STARTED testing) on Wednesday.

    And to Betty, the OP, GOOD LUCK! You should be finding out your results soon.