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    I'm graduating from OHSU's AccBacc program in two weeks. My practicum was at Legacy Emanuel's ED and I'd like to get a job in the ED if possible after graduation. Every hospital is rejecting my application right away because I don't meet the minimum requirements (I can't actually say I have my RN license yet because I haven't taken the NCLEX exam) and most of the ED residency programs in the area don't start until the spring - which is way too much time spent unemployed!

    This wasn't unexpected, my program and my RN friends all prepared me for this rejection, but there is one hospital in Eugene - Mckenzie-Willamette, that hired me on the spot when I dropped my resume off. The manager blatantly told me they were desperate for nurses in the ED and that I could have any shift I wanted. I should be really excited, but I don't know anything about this hospital and it's the opposite response from every other place I've applied.....does anyone know McKenzie-Willamette? any advice?

    I want to be able to transfer to somewhere bigger - hopefully Emanuel or OHSU in about a year, so I want to make sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot if I take this job.


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    The person who called me didn't give any information, she just said they would send a packet in the mail and that the call was purely just to let us know we'd been accepted. I was in line at starbucks when I got the call, so I didn't ask any I was so excited I couldn't think of any! ha

    congrats maddi13!! I know this was your only option (mine too cause I don't want to leave Portland), glad it worked out

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    I just got a phone call. I'm in! Summer cohort!! woot!

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    Quote from eando
    I also got a letter stating that I am highly likely! I am excited but also have very mixed feelings. I've been accepted into linfield which starts 6/3 and already accepted my spot and financial aid packet from there. I imagine we find out mid may? I wonder what our chances are! Crossing my fingers for good news :-)
    the woman in admissions I talked to insinuated that "highly likely" was basically an in.....although nothing is 100% until you get an acceptance letter. She also said that they won't start accepting alternates until after the decision deadline for currently accepted students passes (2 weeks from Monday I believe). So hopefully we will know by the first week in May

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    I got a letter today stating that I am "highly likely" to get in based on my position on the alternate list! While this is super exciting, I am worried a bit about the financial side of things. I will get a very small amount from stafford loans, so I'll have to go the private loan route, including a substantial amount for living expenses (I own a house). I'm afraid I will miss out on most scholarship deadlines if I do eventually get in....any advice on private loans/other financing?

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    Quote from mamakac
    Oh my goodness, I wish that I could find out something today

    Has anyone else checked their application status online and has it changed?
    mine is exactly same as it was before, so maybe if yours changed that's a good thing

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    I am on the alternate list as well. Although I called and they said that when letters go out on Monday they will tell you if you are "highly likely", "moderately likely", or "not likely" to get in. Apparently final decisions were made yesterday by the admissions committee. The woman on the phone also said that last year they had people from the alternate list accepted all the way up until orientation day, but that the first wave of accepted students must put down a deposit in the next 2-3 weeks, so alternates will start getting accepted then. Let the second round of waiting begin!

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    OHSU School of Nursing -*Orientation

    that's the link to orientation info. Looks like for summer it's June 14 (on campus orientation)

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    wow, I haven't checked here in a while. I had no idea they were sending out emails about applications! I had to go and check all my junk folders to make sure I hadn't gotten one and missed it! So far nothing.....but now I feel like it's only a matter of time since my cumulative GPA is on what sounds like the cusp of acceptable. Did everyone get their "rejection" emails last week? I wonder if they're still sending them out.....

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    if you want to send me your essay go a head. I can send you mine too if you want to see what a boring essay looks like

    I don't think you should worry about your GPA, especially if your masters GPA is much improved. I think that just shows growth and an ability to set and achieve goals. I also know that last year someone with a 3.6 got in, so even though the average GPA of accepted students is ~3.9 that doesn't mean you're out of the race if you don't have a GPA that high.

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    thanks for the replies about transcripts. I turned mine in January 3rd, so maybe they're just processing them in the order received.

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    has anyone seen their transcripts show up as received online yet? I keep checking my account and it still shows they weren't received.

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    I work in the biochemistry department coordinating two graduate programs and I also do grants and contracts for my department and regenerative medicine. I volunteer as a research assistant on a psych study through the CDRC and have been shadowing a nurse practitioner at the Richmond Clinic as well. Letters of recommendation would have been great and I think they are extremely helpful as you often have amazing candidates who are not good at "promoting" themselves. In fact, I think those are usually the people you WANT in programs. I sit in on meetings for faculty and student recruitment so I've seen this process first hand and can't imagine selecting people without reference letters. I am one of those people who is bad at selling myself on paper. I like to let my actions speak to my character, so my essay was more of a list of what I've done and less of an intriguing life saga, which is why I'm not super hopeful of my chances of getting selected.

    I think they are looking for people who have been around the clinical side of healthcare, since it can be daunting and is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. So I guess that working or volunteering at OHSU would give us some advantage, although working/volunteering with another institution would probably be looked at equally.

    This is a numbers game really. They have well qualified candidates every year and not enough spaces for all of them. I will be sad if I don't get in, but I also know that everyone who does get in deserves it

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    I applied last week and, since I work at OHSU already, I hand delivered my packet to the admissions office. I don't have high hopes of getting in. My GPA is good enough, but I don't feel like I went into enough detail in my essay. I guess I will just have to wait and see [fingers crossed!]