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  • Jan 10 '14

    To present my humble opinion, I think that nursing schools make you believe that as a nurse, you are going to be very focused into science, autonomy.... well that was a bull's dung. Throw autonomy out the window, and the profession is not science focused, but 100% task oriented, because all we do is carry out orders. Draw labs, medicate, npo for procedures, get consent, admit, discharge, chart, chart, chart, task after tasks. I don't believe I have seen "science" or autonomy in my profession.

    To be frank, I am not one of those people who came into nursing just to help others; I mean sure, everyone SAYS they want to help others, and who doesn't? I do too myself, but who wants to associate their work life surrounded by bunch of complaining, whiny, negative patients and some coworkers who make you want to assess their brain function? I haven't found my niche yet, but I truly do hate my job, and with current healthcare policies, future seems bleak.

    Unless you can really really be sure of yourself that you are dedicated to helping life of others like Albert Schweitzer, Nightingale, or someone who really feels happiness of life by helping others (and not that typical "oh ya, I became nurse to help others" that everyone says) then yes nursing is for you. But if your compassion level is like that of a regular human being (that would be me), and you want to help others, but also in it for financial security, let me tell you there are many other jobs you can get that are much easier than nursing and make equal or even better money. I just learned today dental hygienist starts at about $31/hr. If I could go back in time, I 100% would have chosen different career, something like CPA or lawyer, or work in some kind of corporation. Please think well before you choose nursing because if you hate your job, life certainly is miserable.