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    I was offered an interview spot for this Friday (2/21). Anyone had an interview yet? What was it like?

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    I was offered an interview slot for UT's ABSN program for 2014. I was curious if anyone else has gone through their interview process this year, or in the past. If so, can you give me an idea of what it will be like. I have been reading over questions to expect and whatnot, but I'd like to know as much as possible.

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    Quote from mayss
    They first select interview candidates- I just had my phone interview today.He said they select 24 and should know something by the end of March- May 1 for waitlist.
    So I'm guessing you've already gotten your email to set up phone interviews?

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    Anyone on here applied to this program? I'm waiting to hear if I was accepted or not and was just curious if anyone else has heard.

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    No there was no specification. Just 800 word max. As it stands right now the format is

    Top Right hand corner: Last Name Page Number

    My Name
    School Name Department Of Nursing



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    Awesome! Thank you so much! So no need for double spacing, page numbers, or a title?

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    I can't find an answer through any search I've done so far, and I can't get in touch with anyone in the nursing department. My application is due by 1/20, and I want to get it in at least two weeks before the deadline. My application packet is getting mailed out this Monday, so I thought I would come here and take a broad survey. What format did you submit your entrance essay for nursing school in? MLA? APA? I can't get anyt definite answers. An English Comp professor said just general essay format....a friend of mine who has a masters in child psych suggested APA (which seems really formal for an entrance essay of 800 words). At the moment my essay is in an MLA style format. Oh..and I'm applying to the University Of Tennessee's Accelerated BSN Program, just incase theres anyone out there who is as well.

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    Should my personal essay have a title or a title page? If so, how should that title be structured? Should it include my name? I'm getting mixed answers in the searches that I've done and it's been too long since I've written a formal essay. Thanks for the help

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    I'm new to the site and not 100% sure if this should go here, but I figured I would try. I'm applying to an Accelerated BSN Program this week and I need a little insight on what I have written so far. I haven't written a college essay in years, so i'm a little rusty. I'm hoping to send this off this week, so any insight is appreciated. The requirements for the essay are below.

    Write a personal essay (800 words maximum) which includes:
    (1) what has motivated you to pursue nursing as a career.
    (2) personal characteristics/traits you possess which will allow you to be a successful
    (3) how the Accelerated BSN will help achieve your professional goals.
    I've tried to incorporate each of these while still making a case for why I should be chosen, why I chose this program, etc. I went with the short and sweet version to try and avoid repeating myself or sounding redundant. Any and/or all of this can be changed so please let me know what you think.

    When I started college in 2003 I knew I had an interest in healthcare, as well as a need to help care for people. This has always been a strong part of my character, and I can remember my parents telling me that it was a big difference between my sister and I growing up. I was always the one bringing soup when someone was sick, or worried about the less fortunate. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer my senior year of high school, the interactions I had with her nurses solidified a passion to spend my life caring for people that were sick or in need. What I was missing at that point in my life was the maturity, and the dedication to follow my dreams.
    I graduated from college with an Environmental Science degree, a field that I am less passionate about, and began my career. But, the interest in nursing and the healthcare field never left. My mother's health continued to fail over the next 8 years as she struggled with various forms of cancer. During that time my father was diagnosed with a severe type of cancer as well, from which he is still in remission. Through all of this, I've had the opportunity to interact with the nurses who have cared for my parents. I've seen the difference they made in my mother's life while she was alive, as well as the difference they've made in my fathers. I've learned from them, cried with them, and shared stories about my parents with them. That is the opportunity I want for myself. To make a difference in someone's life and know that what I'm doing means something.
    I chose The University of Tennessee's (UT) Accelerated BSN Program because of the reputation UT has for training competent, well prepared nurses. The Accelerated BSN Program will allow me to achieve my goal quickly and efficiently, which will cut down on the sacrifice that my family will have to make while I am in school. I am sure that if given the opportunity, I will excel in this program, as well as in the nursing field. I'm passionate about nursing and I have a lot that I can offer the healthcare field. Aside from being naturally caring, I'm highly motivated, intelligent, and work well in high stress environments. My passion for this career field is a big motivator for me, and I am dedicated to succeeding in it.
    I am truly excited about the potential opportunity to be a part of this program and eventually the nursing career field. It's that genuine excitement, along with my life experiences and dedication to my goals that set me apart from other applicants. I would be proud to earn a degree in nursing from UT and I am positive that the Accelerated BSN Program would help me start a great career in nursing. Thank you for your time and I wish you luck in choosing your choices for the upcoming Fall 2013 Class.