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    Can I get info on the program? I would like to apply. Please.

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    I am interested in applying for the online FNP program 2018. Can I get feedback on the program please.

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    Hi SBrown, Im from FL & would loooove to be a JH nurse. How are you loving JH so far? I have 1 yr bedside experience but been a nurse for 5 years. Its been a week since Ive applied to JH & no app status change yet. How do i reach nurse recruiter being Im all the way in FL

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    Ive been a RN for 5 years. I have only 1 year of bedside exp. I would like to get back into bedside nursing (telemetry/ER). I currenly have a FL and waiting on fingerprint card so that I can apply for MD license. So far Ive applied to Baltimore Washington, Johns Hopkins, Howard County & Mercy. I would love to be a Johns Hopkins nurse =). Its been a week and so far my app status for JH hasnt changed. Should i keep waiting ? What are my chances of getting in JH w/ one yr exp or any hospital hard. Its hard since i am in FL and i want to stand out