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    The Hospital I work at has decided since there is no monitor tech that the ICU nurses should also have eyes on the Telemetry pt. rhythms on their med/surg floor. the monitor is sitting at the desk with the nurses, but when the nurses enter a pt. room we are no longer able to monitor the pt.
    On the med/surg floor the monitors are sitting at the desk with the unit secretary. There is no nurse at desk at all times.
    the med/surg nurses are not required to have acls certification before monitoring the pt. They are anly asked to measure a strip once a shift and read it. when a pt. gets placed on telemetry they are not notifing the RN in ICU, we find them on our own through checking system for new pt. the rhtyhm does not automatically appear.

    I am wanting to adjust our telemetry monitoring: Adult pt. policy. I have never written or edited a policy. Suggestions or assistance would be great.