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    OK I know you've probably heard this a thousand times but.. I'm a nursing student and I need to interview a nurse whom I admire (that would be you NICU people). The TWO nurses I know personally are both on vacation right now and the assignment is due Monday before either of them will be home. I work in L&D right now but I'm pretty darn certain I want to be a NICU nurse so I thought this would be a good place for me to come... there are a few (OK QUITE a few) questions so if anyone is willing to help me out THANKS THANKS THANKS in advance. Fell free to PM me if you don't want your business in the street. Here goes...

    1. Degree type? ADN, BSN etc.

    2. Best job as a RN?

    3. Current job? Length of time?

    4. Describe job responsibilities.

    5. What did you do to prepare for your current job?

    6. What do you like mopst about your current job?

    7. Least?

    8. Best advice you'd give to a new graduating nurse.

    9. Best advice to give a nursing student to survive nursing school.

    10. Most important thing for you about being a nurse?

    11. Most important thing a nurse can do for a pt?

    12. What do you do to foser coopertive, productive relationships with:

    Ancillary Staff?



    Nursing staff (CNA, LVN etc.)?

    13. Best career advice you've received?

    14. Best career advice you've given?

    Thank you SO much!

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    I don't know where you live but EVERYWHERE is America, DM (esp. type II) is a HUGE health issue! It's what many of us here in Central Calfornia will teach on. Lots of topics there, everything from:

    -foot care (this is a great one for those who might be at them keep their leg!)
    -S/S of hypo- and hyperglycemia
    -insulin preparation/injection
    -diet (have them demonstart how to select an ADA diet)
    -weight management
    -basic disease process and understanding
    -community resources

    to name a few! Many hopsitals will have extensive info availablr for DM teaching so that you woldn't even have to do a terribly large amt. of research!

    Good luck!!

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    I wish I could say I have advice for you but alas I do not as I am in the same boat. The bills collectors are calling more than my family. I've got every student loan and grant known to man but eveytime we get ahead we fall right behind again. I have applied for work at every hospital in my area (up to an hour drive). I am working at one but it's an on-call position and I can't seem to get called more than once a month. My husband works two jobs and has no time for one more! My three kids all need new shoes and pants for school!

    I don't think we are alone.. keep plugging along. That's all we can do. I just keep praying (because that works for me) and keeping the faith. It won't be this way forever. Check out your school office for scholarships... There are a lot out there for nursing students. There is a thread for that which has a sticky on this forum.

    Good luck!

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    OK my family is super supportive truly! They really are. My husband has started cooking even. But there is one thing that really, and I mean REALLY, bothers me... And let me preface this by saying the first day if NS the instructors tell you to be prepared to fail at least one or two tests, but when I take an exam if I get an A the reaction is "of course you did". OK this just creates so MUCH pressure for when I do NOT get an A. I got a B (gasp) on the midterm (an 88% BTW) my husband's question to me was.. "Well was that the highest grade?" I'm like WHAT?!? Now surely he doesn't mean to make me feel awful, I mean he loves me and is proud of me, but that is exactly how I feel. IT'S THEIR expectations, not mine, that precipitate my anxiety attacks! I'm scared to tell them!

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    I say YES. I debated this myself... I'm half done with my first semester now and I thought about taking the semester before nursing school off but some folks recommended Med Term so I went ahead took it. I'm SO glad I did. While everyone else was cramming notecards for the med term section in nursing school I was taking a bubble bath!!!

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    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    I thought woman could only get WIC if they breast feed....
    Nope... as long as they have a baby and the financial need they can get it (even during pregnancy).

    LOVE YOUR PICTURE BTW! Absolutely gorgeous.. when is Baby due?

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    Quote from ChayaN
    I really wanted to see the grasp reflex where the baby climbs up the abdomen and finds his way to the breast but it flew out of my mind.
    I saw this on the Kangaroo Care video (fascinating BTW) and I was AMAZED! It's so primal and instinctual. I LOVED it. Wish I had seen it before I was done having babies.. though I can attest to the fact that if you co-sleep with no shirt on that baby WILL find the breat LIKE IT OR NOT!

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    Quote from Mimi2RN
    Our starting pay for new grads is $31.00 per hour. It's hospital wide, doesn't matter where you work. Eval at 6 months, and then annually with raises of 2-4%. Nobody in my knowledge has ever got 4%, for that you have to give your life to the hospital, and also do community projects. We also get occasional raises to bring us up to par with other places.
    What part of California are you in Mimi? Just curious.. the hospital I work at (as a Labor Coach) pays $31/hour as well for new grads. I'm in the Central Valley.

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    I think orientation is probably the similar at most hospitals... They go over policy and procedure, body mechanics, infection control, employee benefits, etc. Kind of an "all you need to know" kind of thing (and in my case it was BOOORING). Ours lasted a week for people in patient care with an extra three days for RN's. That's what you can expect, from orientation anyway!

    Congrats and good luck!

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    Thanks all... I appreciate your comments.

    I do think that one of the greatest things about nursing is the diversity! You can almost anything that your heart leads you to!

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    Do you find when people find out what you do they say things like "How can you do that?" or "I could never work in the NICU it would be too sad."

    I'm a nursing student, leaning towards NICU, and when we inevitably get into discussion about "what we want to be when we grow up" and I say NICU, I hear varied comments, some of which I don't know exactly how to respond to. I get the vibe that some folks think if you desire a career with neonates who might not survive, that you must be cold, callus, unfeeling or all three, otherwise you wouldn't expose yourself to this possible pain. Of course we know it's just the opposite, but....

    Do you hear this? Do you just take it as a compliment? How do you respond?

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    DSplendid... Could you please write my careplan for me? LOL. Off the top of your head? YOU ROCK! Nicely done!

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    Ah ha.. I was one of the first to respond in this thread. NOW I'm almost half-way through my first semester and I am (for now anyway, until I see my most recent quiz score) maintaining the 'A'.

    With my feet wet, for those of you who aren't there yet, I'll tell you this. The written/lecture piece isn't the difficult thing for me. There is a lot of reading and just basic volume, but it's not any harder than physio or any of the other pre req classes. In fact for me, in many ways it's easier! It's makes much more sense now that you know all the background stuff to apply it! The thing that makes the A hard to get (or maintain) is that there are only 390 points possible in the ENTIRE class (14 quizzes, midterm and final). With so few points available you really can't miss too many. The quizzes, at 20 points each, aren't an A unless you get a 19. That means you can miss a total of 35 points the whole semester!

    I remember being in prereq's though and being so sad at the thought that I'd have to kiss my A goodbye and so scared (after hearing that A students don't make good nurses) that I would just be lousy! It's all coming together though! Be it A or C it's not the grade, it's the person! I've found that is really is about the journey... I've met great people and made lifelong friends (and I'd trade my A for them anyday anyway!)

    Good luck to all!

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    I applied for one and only one. I didn't get in the first time (as they changed reqs to say you couldn't have classes in progress). I decided to apply one more time (figuring that since my program was GPA based for admittance I'd probably get in) and if I didn't get in that time THEN I'd look at all the other options. I got in on that second try and I'm glad I took that route.

    I'm an outloud thinker too so I know what you're going through... I felt like that 7 months of waiting to start was total torture but I made good use of my time by taking classes for my BSN. You have to follow your heart and do what works for your family and I for one have faith that the Lord has a plan. The class I'm in, and the friends I've made, I have no doubt this is where I should be!

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    Our scrubs are either pastel or navy blue (no red, black or gray only happy colors) but we are required to wear a patch that says "Maternal/Child Health" and there is a bright pink stripe on the badge. It's pretty noticable and patients are told to look for it. No locked doors but there is at least one secretary by the door before you come through and getting through her would be a task in and of itself ;o) Plus we have seperate staff and visitor entrances. It's a pretty good system I think.