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    has anyone heard anything yet? i got a job offer elsewhere and i already accepted it because they never got back to me. i'd still be open to doing pt/per diem though.

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    thanks everyone! makes me feel better and more assured. i'm very excited

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    Degree type: Bachelors
    Graduation month/year:
    Age range:
    Job Setting:
    Geographical Location:
    Orange County, California
    How long have you been looking for your first job before being hired?
    2 1/2 months
    Did you do any volunteer work before your job?
    Did you possess any additional certifications (i.e. ACLS) before you landed your first job?
    Did a family/friend/clinical instructor or other connection help you land your job?
    Did you work in the health care setting at all before your job? If so, what field?
    Did you apply online, in person (at the facility), or other?
    Online hospital website
    Did you participate in any follow-up inquiries after resume submittal of your application or interview? If so, explain. Email, phone call?
    Yes, delivered hand written thank you notes to all of the people in my interview. Definitely helped me, I think.
    How far away do you live from your job site?
    25 mins no traffic
    Did you hold a p/t or f/t job while enrolled in your nursing program. If yes, list whether it was p/t or f/t position:
    p/t receptionist on campus
    If you held a job during your nursing program that was not related to the health care field, please report the general field in which you worked (restaurant, retail, educational, business, etc.) Feel free to expand:
    Student affairs, student government, leadership
    Did you receive any scholastic honors while in nursing school (Dean's List, Cum Laude, etc.?)
    Magna Cum Laude, Dean's list throughout undergrad, several honor societies including Sigma theta tau
    General comments:
    Just as i was about to give up hope finding a job, i got a random phone call from the hospital where i was hired for an interview. I had completely forgotten I applied there. So i was surprised. This was my FIRST and ONLY interview after submitting my applications for literally hundreds of nursing positions all over the state of CA. I live in Orange County so it is very populated here and I was really not counting on finding a job so close. Anyway, I knew that getting an interview with this prestigious hospital was literally like one in a million, so i went into the interview swinging lol. I prepped for hours and practiced questions and printed out their mission statement, values, awards, things i liked on their website, and questions to ask the manager. although it is not in the unit that i would have liked to work, it is a residency program, and i am still happy i got a job at a great hospital. Moral of the story, JUST APPLY. Be ready for a call back, and when you get an interview GO ALL OUT.

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    common nursing questions:
    -why do you want to work here
    -why did you choose nursing
    -short term long term career goals
    -describe a time you experienced conflict, how did you resolve it
    -what would you do if one of your peers was slacking
    -what would you do if you experienced a patient's dignity compromised on the job
    -describe a time when you were stressed on the job, how did you handle it
    -describe a difficult patient care experience, how did you handle it
    -what would your previous employers say about you
    -what is something you would like to improve about yourself as a nurse
    -how do you stay up to date with professional nursing
    -how should a professional nurse act
    -describe how you would safely administer medications

    those are a few i can think of. if they say, tell me about yourself. don't literally talk their ears off for 5 minutes about random facts about yourself. describe your qualifications, work experience, special skills/leadership experiences, awards/accomplishments, education, career goals, and something you would like to improve on. the answer should not be more than 2 minutes.

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    update: I WAS OFFERED THE POSITION! they called me two weeks later, better late than never! HR has started my background check. and will receive the official offer once i clear all of the paperwork!

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    lol, that infamous job fair indeed. still haven't heard anything. luckily i got the number of the nurse manager who interviewed me for tele. i'll give him a call after new years. i also have been in contact with the nurse recruiter, so i'll call her too after new year.

    i was very skeptical about this job fair. i mean, what if the nurses don't go on strike? how will they train us? WHY are they striking anyways? lol, do i even wanna work for them if this is how they treat their nurses?... when i told one of my old nursing professors about this job fair she kind of discouraged me from following through, she said "be ready if and when you start, and don't feel obligated if other options come your way" lol. when i had my speed interview, the manager didn't even give me a chance to ask questions. however, i am still very interested and brotman seems like a pretty good hospital. very innovative and i love the diversity in the area.

    everyone please keep us updated!

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    i graduated august, passed nclex in october, and i was offered a position at a residency program last week. so all in all, my search was about 2 and a half months... surprisingly the job is only 20 mins drive from home. i am honestly still in shock that i got the job offer. i was sure i'd have to move to a different state to find a job. i live in la/oc county, CA.

    my strategy:
    call nurse recruiters, sound very interested, call every few weeks to see if there are new openings. this will make you seem very interested.
    attend job fairs.
    when you're driving around, take note of hospitals/clinics you pass, and then call their HR/nurse recruiter to ask for any openings
    APPLY APPLY APPLY, everywhere!
    if you get an interview, KICK BUTT. think of it as winning the lottery and do your best.

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    practice makes perfect with interviews. it's the same as public speaking! i suggest coming up with a list of potential questions, writing a script answer for every question and practicing in the mirror. if you can, get a friend to ask you questions and ask them to critique you.

    -if they ask you if you want water/coffee, accept. "sure, that would be great, thank you"
    -if you need an extra couple seconds to think of an answer, say "can i get a second". STOP, think, then answer. it's better to stay silent while you think than to blurt out random stuff.
    -if you mess up a statement, just be casual and say "i'm sorry, that didn't sound right, let me start over". it's perfectly okay.

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    hey i was there too. no i haven't heard anything. did you get a job offer too? if so, what unit? i was offered a position in tele

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    I was just offered a position full time. I'm a new grad and I recently got an EAD through Obama's deferred action policy for certain young immigrants. It is valid for 2 years.

    I want to know if having an EAD will be a problem when going through the HR process. I am able to renew my EAD by myself every two years.

    Also, if they ask me to sign a contract, will I be able to sign the contract even if my EAD expires before the contract ends? For example, my EAD expires on 10/15/14, but what if they make me sign a contract that would be until January 2015. I will be renewing it of course, but just wondering if this would be an issue with HR/employers.

    Thanks in advance for your input! I'm very excited to start working and I just want this to be real. I've been waiting for this since I was a little girl.

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    talking bad about a previous employer, talking too much about salary, asking for days off ALREADY, and use of slang language (maintain professionalism even on the phone) are some that i can think of.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum. I am a new grad and I just passed the NLCEX in CA in October. I recently interviewed at a hospital and I thought it went great. The interviewers kept smiling and saying "this is great", blah blah blah. So I left pretty confident.

    The HR rep that was sitting in at my interview said that "I will get back to you early next week". My interview was last Wednesday, December 5. It is now the following Thursday. I sent them thank you notes the following day after my interview, and called both my interviewers yesterday to follow up on the process, but they didn't answer so I left a voicemail. They have not called me back

    My question is, do I still have a chance? It has been 8 days... Surely I thought that if they were going to offer me the job I would get called by Tuesday, but now I feel that my chances are slimming with each passing day. I know that they interviewed a few other people, and there were two departments that they were looking to fill.

    Does anyone have any idea when I should receive a phone call or if I even have a chance at the job still? Any insight will help...

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    Probably depends whether you are a new grad or experienced. Probably the same type of questions as usual nursing interviews. Situational stuff, if you are experienced, why you left your other job, career goals, maybe a couple clinical response questions. Good luck!