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  • Feb 27

    Accepted as well!!! For FNP. Looks like this week is the week! Keep us posted!

  • Feb 27

    I just got my acceptance email!!!!! Cloud 9 right now. Good luck everyone hope to see you in April !!

  • Feb 27

    I got accepted into the FNP program!!! YEAHHH, Good luck everyone.

  • Feb 26

    Hey guys I also applied and interviewed for this program in November. I just emailed stonybrook and was told it'll be within the next two weeks!

  • Jan 25

    Hi everyone!,

    I am a current RN in the NYC area, and have submitted an application to SUNY Downstate Family Nurse Practitioner Program MSN Fall 2018 this week. I wanted to know if there is anyone else who applied to it as well. Or any current/former students who can provide insight on the program. Any information is greatly appreciated ! Thankyou.

  • Jan 25

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in SUNY Downstate! We are reviewing applications now. In the meantime would you like to meet with me to discuss your educational pursuits? I can be reached at

    All the best,

    Lori Escallier, Dean and Professor

  • Jan 25

    Quote from DrBethNP
    Hello Everyone! My name is Dr. Beth Steinfeld and I am the program director of the women's health (OB/GYN) nurse practitioner program at SUNY Downstate.
    I know everyone has been talking about the FNP program but I wanted to let everyone know about the women's health NP program too. If women's health is your passion or you have ever considered it please come to our information session at SUNY Downstate on 1.17.18 or you can email me at for more information!

    I love women's health and have always found it to be very rewarding! There are jobs available throughout the tristate area and elsewhereand in some many areas of women's health, perinatal medicine (high risk pregnancies), reproductive endocrinology (infertility), GYN oncology (female cancers), private practice and so many more!
    Looking forward to hearing from you if you think women's health could be for you!
    Best regards,
    Dr. Steinfeld
    Hi Dr. Beth, can a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner work both inpatient and outpatients?

  • Jan 24

    The program director said e-mails will be sent out around mid February to March. Today is the last day of interviews. There were over 400 applicants and only 60 seats in the program.

  • Dec 13 '17

    Hi all!

    Was hoping to get a thread going for applicants to the Stony Brook FNP program for 2018. I submitted my application a week or two ago and got an email for an interview on Monday. Anyone else??

    My interview is scheduled for Tuesday 12/12 at 11:15 am. I know there is a group component - anyone else going in for this slot??

    Hoping to meet you all in the spring!


  • Apr 26 '13

    Just got an acceptance email as well.

  • Feb 18 '13

    Did you get get in? I got in for Fall 2013 woot woot!

  • Dec 13 '12

    Hi everyone,

    I just found out this morning that I was accepted. If anyone is waiting around and hasn't been in touch with Evan or Fran since they submitted their application, I would recommend following up with them (I think it reiterates your interest and lets them know that you are serious about the program) to make sure everything is in order. My Discover Drexel status kept changing from complete to incomplete, so I emailed Evan last night and by about 9 am this morning he responded and a few minutes later it changed to accepted. Anyway, for those interested, here are my stats:

    Undergrad gpa: 2.9 cumulative (Miami Univ; Psychology)
    Graduate/last 60 hours gpa: 4.0 cumulative (Towson Univ; Clinical Psychology)

    I did not submit any LORs or write an admissions essay. For those worried about their undergraduate gpa's, I hope this gives you a bit of relief (I was really anxious about mine).

    Best of luck to all those waiting to hear back!