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    What state/city are you located? I received my IV blood withdrawal certification from a class given at kaiser hospital in hollywood. Great instructor and after completing the class you're allowed to return as many times as you want without repaying the fee

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    I graduated from nursing school last september and just took my board.this November 8th... I did pearson trick and knew i passed... 2 weeks later i recieve my offical result and am hired at the skilled nursing facility that i've been working as CNA. I was told that i'll have 5 days of orientation 7-3 starting this monday and honesty i'm extremely nervous! I can't sleep. I feel ive forgotten everything learn in school. i can't believe i passed with only 85 questions that was a miracle! I know only a few meds, labs , etc so i feel like i'm gonna be the most incompetent charge nurse ever hired please if you can give me advice on what i will need to know tomorrow to help me prepare i will dearly appreciate it