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    I am just starting a practice and I too am looking for reasonably priced equipment. I found a Pelton Crane 3 tray autoclave from a local hospital surplus for $300. I am very worried about dremel dust and was trying to figure out a good vacuum system. I found a Honeywell countertop hepa air purifier for $40 that works great. All the light floating dust is quickly pulled away from the foot rest area and only the heavy debris is left to wipe up. A local medical supply store sells stainless steel nippers (made in Pakistan) for $12. I found they work great and sterilize in CS20 and the autoclave without corroding. Found stainless steel scaling tools for clearing debris from the free edge(look like the ones in the dental office with the flat hooked turned ends) for $10 each. I use a wheeled tool box to transport my equipment. The lid spreads open and has clear compartments for tools and supplies. I found the local beauty supply warehouse has great options at a fraction of the price of the medical stores. Foot basin and 50 plastic liners for $30. I found microfibre hand towels for $0.40 each but I am now leading towards just using paper towel to dry the feet because I worry about how to sterilize the towels. The mini dremel works great and got two from Home Depot for $35 each. I use a collapsible box footrest (the ones that have storage inside and are padded on top). The foot rest is a good working height when I sit on my camping stool. If you have any smart buys please share. I enjoy teaching clients and making a difference in their lives. I learn more each time I practice. If you had told me 5 years ago in my accounting office I would be doing this now I would have laughed. Life is unpredictable.