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    I work for DaVita they treat me extremely well i live in America It treats me extremely well

    politics is as politics does who cares

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    i could not get a job at hooters or be a playboy bunnie so i thought i would go into nursing
    where men have all the advantages i wonder if it was my pretty face or my athletic body that got me
    my first job as an RN could not have been my ability to do the job
    or that i have a good work ethic
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hope i dont ever get old and out of shape cause then i could not get a job as a nurse

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    Count your blessings YOU ARE IN A NURSING PROGRAM call on your inner strenth things are gonna get
    much harder to cope with then a noisy room mate .....clinicals ,cranky patients ,etc. etc.etc.