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    So how many people are in your class now? 30? What is trends all about? I heard it's mostly just all clinical, is that so? I just started the transition program, so i got a ways to go, so just curious at this point.

    Quote from adpdopey
    Good luck newbies. I am starting trends Friday, the last class! Some tips. Don't buy all the books , most of the books on the list you never use. Keep a bag in your car for clinical with all your supplies so you never forget them As far as studying, Study your glutes off. No way around it, start talking to student farther ahead of you and get info from them wink wink. It has been very hard but it is doable. A lot of sacrifice. My class started with 75 and we were down to 30 in a semester. I failed one class but got back in it asap and now im graduating in 6 weeks. Good luck to all any help, just holla. I am going to south. Only the strong survive.

    I been reading and let me say one other big tip. KEEP YOUR PAPERS IN ORDER. the portfolio with your certificates and cpr and physical exams. THEY WILL DROP YOU IF SOMETHING IS OFF. plan months ahead and make sure everything is up to date. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE FOR ANYTHING. I did my certificates through broward online, its easy and took five minutes and they mail you the certificate. Also others use CEUfast (google it) but make sure your papers are in order. the school and secretary at least at south are not helpful.

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    It's due Monday?? I thought the paper said Tues the 24th? Well I at least got 2 1/2 hours in today and most of my stuff checked off; i'll probably just do the rest tomorrow after class. See you tomorrooooowww!!

    Quote from iamnrn90
    Yes we started the 6hr paper and it's due Monday. And it must be checked off by another student.

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    Any transition students on here still? Have u done the review skills sheets yet (the 6 hours) that we need done before 6/26? I'm gonna do my hours today and tomorrow, but was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to have another student to check off your skills...? I doubt this will get seen in time, buuuut just incase, i suppose

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    Scrub pants and all white shoes.

    Quote from summer715
    Hey! I can't believe it's already here! But just to make sure, what do we need for tomorrow? (Central) I'm scared to go and forget something.

    -Wear polo..... Any pants and shoes??
    -bring supplies.. and book.
    -bring in paper work if you still haven't turned it in
    -I think we have to print a copy of the syllabus to sign or something as well

    anything else important?

    & Happy Mother's Day

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    Quote from iamnrn90
    For those who went to the south campus generic and Lpn-Rn orientation today what do you guys think? Ready for the time of our lives? Loll

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    Do you know when we are supposed to get the stuff from our teacher on d2l to start practicing the skill sets? I can't remember what they said; only that we'll need to go to the lab and get stuff done before our class starts on the 20th.. I did hear that correct, right? ugh I'm so nervous. I'm gonna start brushing up on assessments I suppose.

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    Anyone going to South campus that needs the orientation packet for the generic program for Friday's orientation? If so I have one to give away

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    Does anyone know where to buy dansko's other than online? I would like to try them on somewhere before dropping $100 on a pair of shoes

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    Quote from mbrown0203
    Do you guys know how to accept a loan on mybc? I cant find it
    Accept a loan or apply for one? Did you go through all the "steps" on BC's website?
    Broward College - Loans

    If anything just call them..?

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    Quote from HammockBound
    South said you can use the dansko professional clog. It has a back. I saw lots of girls wearing them. Those are all white but you have to break them in. When in doubt, ask. the uniform store is the only place I found all white.
    Ok, well thats the difference then. If they have a back, that's fine. But actual "clogs" dont have backs, or just like the little strap on the back, which some people mistakenly buy. Are those things really that comfortable?? I mean they have to be right? EVERYBODY has them. And they're sooo expensive!!! I think i'll just find some all white sneakers somewhere :P

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    Quote from mimiluvscakes
    I got a pink one engraved I'm really curious about the shoes, my girlfriend suggested the nike 5.0 but that's at barry I don't want to take chances
    The shoes have to be ALL white. No black or colors on them anywhere. ALL white. And NO CLOGS!! My friend was in the program and she said a lot of people bought the dansko clogs and they weren't able to wear them. Your shoes have to have an actual back on them.

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    anyone else's preadmission session on april 14th? Mine's at 9am that day..

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    Quote from Ensima
    Is anyone doing the LPN TO RN transition program?
    Yes, i am! I just got my email too. Yayy finally!!

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    congrats to everyone!! Stilllll waiting over here. I might go there tomorrow if mine doesn't change, showing my transcripts have been received/evaluated. Cause calling them is impossible.

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    Mine has said "application in review" for a while now... i have points awarded for GPA, but at the top of the lil box, i have an X mark next to "college transcripts received" and "evaluated".. Does anyone elses say this?? They should have all my transcripts, cause i did all my prereqs with them. Hoping this isn't going to be an issue and they just havent updated it..

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    Quote from jboogs49
    I applied back in December just missed the January cut off date. Definitely wouldn't have been ready.

    I've done all the CEUs at just need to do the CPR

    What do we need to have done before we get started in the program
    Is this all we need to do:
    Background Check
    Finger Print
    Full Physical
    Flu Shots and other Shots Updated or documented

    All my documents are at home and haven't really looked at them for awhile just wanted to see what everyone else has done

    I have a bunch of books:
    Perry/Potter Fundamentals
    Dosing & Calculations
    Perry/Potter Clinical
    and a couple other books some Nclex stuff too

    just cracked open the fundamentals and skimmed some chapters that were said to be on Exam 1 on one of the campuses. I read chap: 24-29 and i think it was 38 and 39. No notes just reviewed it briefly surprised how much of the stuff I've seen before. (Now not as scary but not even close to memorized)

    not really worried about getting accepted just now want to get prepared because it doesn't seem like we have much time. I may even defer or reapply for August (need to find a part-time job as well that can fit the schedule as well)
    That's pretty much everything we need, but not until you get accepted. Besides, in order to do the physical, background check, drug test, etc, you need the forms from the school. Why would you defer till august? I know it seems like a lot, but you can get everything done pretty much in one day. I've done it before, when I went into the lpn program. Except the cpr, which would take another day of its own if it's your first time getting cpr certified.
    When did u buy the books? What edition is the fundamentals one you have