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    I'd like to know what as well.
    If anyone knows and would like to share.

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    Thank you. Congratulations to those who passed.

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    For those who passed.. is it a thick/thin/regular letter sized/bigger envelope?

    If you know some one who did not pass.. what is the pass mark around?

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    Yes that was my question. Thank you

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    If there are no hypothetical questions this time around what would be the passing range?

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    I thought the standard pass rate is 550.. How did you calculate 540? Is that in the 60's?

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    How did your friends find this exam in general?
    Also if you are a second of third time writer how did you feel about this exam in comparison to the previous ones?

    I am also wondering about the pass rates of February and June of this year.

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    was this guide helpful?

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    Increasing fld, are RN's allowed to make that decision?

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    Quote from Cheezle
    Hi RayT
    I want to join your group study
    Hi cheezle

    Send me your email address I will contact you.


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    I am in the Scarborough region looking for a study partner/group as well.

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    October 2014 crne writers,

    I am looking for a study buddy in the Scarborough region.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

    Also I will be looking to start a chat forum on what'sappofor or Kik messenger platform to keep your phone numbers anonymous. Everyone that is not in the Scarborough region and in other provinces as well who would like to keep up an ongoing communication regarding tips, questions and inquiries as all nurses is not a chat platform. Let me know if you would be interested.

    Thanks & regards,

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    "Oh.. what did I have for lunch? Minestrone of stools with a side dish of wet fart smeared all over my face"

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    Hello there, I have been reading up on many posts, articles and comments from other users. My question to you readers is : What can you do with a "BScN degree" without your license? In all attempts yet failed the CRNE 3 times, what do you do next? I am reaching out to those who have been unsuccessful in all attempts. Thank you very much for reading. Please provide your answers in numerical form:

    1. What did the CNO suggest to you in the letter as your options? 2. What did you end up doing and where are you now? 3. What can you do with JUST a BScN? 4. What are the ways to be an RN after failing 3 times?